Phil “The Unabomber” Laak has been dreaming of getting his name in the Guinness Book of World Records since he was a kid and now he thinks he finally has a shot at accomplishing his goal. Beginning June 2nd, Laak will attempt to break Paul Zimbler’s record for the most consecutive hours playing poker. Zimbler was moving chips around for 78 straight hours in the fall of 2009.
Laak’s online poker room, Unabomber Poker, is going to give three people the chance to take advantage of the pro by pitting them in heads-up matches against him at the end of his quest. There will be three different ways for someone to win the trip to Las Vegas to battle against a sleepless Laak:
Chance 1: In a not-so-subtle way to get people to deposit on Unabomber Poker, the site is holding a freeroll on May 27th, with the winner receiving the trip. There is a twist on the whole “freeroll” concept, though. There will be a buy-in of $50, but every participant’s buy-in will be returned to them at the end of the tournament. So, while the tournament is free in the end, players still need to have at least $50 in their Unabomber Poker accounts to play.
Chance 2: Poker players can send a 100-250 word essay to Unabomber Poker explaining why they should get the chance to play Phil Laak heads-up. The site will select the best one and its writer will win the Vegas trip. Submissions can be sent to
Chance 3: Everyone who has an active real money account at Unabomber Poker by May 27th will be eligible for a random prize drawing.
Each of the three winners will receive a free flight to Las Vegas and three nights’ accommodation at the Bellagio, where they will then compete in heads-up cash games against the red-eyed Laak. There is no word yet as to the stakes of the matches. Laak announced on his blog that half of any money he wins during the matches will go to Camp Sunshine, a summer camp for children with life threatening illnesses, along with their immediate family members. Camp Sunshine is free to attend and has hosted over 30,000 children since its creation.
Phil Laak has been training since January 1st for his record-breaking attempt: he cleaned up his diet and has been exercising at least five days per week. As a result, he has seen his weight drop from 211 to 190 pounds and has said he feels “fantastic.” He has also been training his mind to not want things that he normally craves, such as mint ice cream or fried calamari. By reminding himself how easy it is to not want the things he usually wants, he believes that it will make it easier for him to not want sleep while in the middle of his marathon poker session. It is an interesting “mind over matter” type of concept, one which Laak says he just made up on his own to aid him in his preparation.
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