Poker fans that tuned in to Full Tilt Poker Christmas night were treated to an epic high stakes Pot Limit Omaha heads up round between Phil Ivey and Niki Jedlicka. The two poker giants both have reputations of winning (and losing) massive sums of money most mortals don’t even bother dreaming about and Tuesday did not fail to meet expectations.

On Christmas night the two met on Full Tilt Poker in the famed “Ivey Thunderdome” and agreed to a heads-up $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha poker game. Although Phil Ivey is one of the most recognized names in Poker, Jedlicka is no poker slouch. He used to play under the alias “Kaibuxxe” before signing a deal with Full Tilt Poker this year.

Since Jedlicka signed up at Full Tilt Poker under his player ID “Niki Jedlicka”, his real name, he has been the biggest single winner in Full Tilt’s entire high stakes Pot-Limit Omaha games this year putting away no less than $3.178 million dollars in profits.

Christmas wasn’t the first time that these two have met and Ivey has historically bested Jedlicka on more than one occasion. Tuesday night was no exception as Phil Ivey took Jedlicka for a mind-boggling $508 in the span of barely more than an hour. Watching the variance in pot sizes must have been an entertaining spectacle for any onlookers.

Ivey’s impressive win must have come as great relief to Ivey after losing $534,983 in only two hands to competitor Ilari “Ziigmun” Sahamies. Jedlicka, although surely reeling from such a massive loss of funds, will still be crying all the way to the bank.

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