Phil Ivey has been accused of cheating – not at the poker table, not in his marriage but at the divorce proceedings!

The ex-wife of Phil Ivey, the widely acclaimed professional poker player and poker celebrity, has made a shocking claim. Hinting at an impropriety existing between her ex-husband and the judge handling their divorce case in Nevada, Luciaetta Ivey, Phil Ivey’s ex-wife, is now going to move the Nevada Supreme Court.

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Phil Ivey is now a poker millionaire, and he won all those millions along with eight prestigious World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets at the tables of this world famous live poker event. Ivey is now in trouble because his ex-wife Luciaetta is trying to prove in the Nevada Supreme Court that Phil Ivey had some inappropriate communication as well business agreements with the judge handling their case, both before and after the proceedings. She has also alleged that Phil Ivey and his legal representatives have made some contributions to fund the political campaign of Bill Gonsalez, the judge of the Family Court in Nevada.

The court records at Nevada show that Luciaetta has appealed her case before the Nevada Supreme Court, the highest court in the state. She has challenged the August ruling delivered by Bill Gonzalez, alleging that the judge stayed on the case because of contributions to his political campaign. Luciaetta’s case will be heard by Judge Togliatti.

Bruce Shapiro, the legal representative of Luciaetta, says that he can argue that the ruling delivered by Judge Bill Gonzalez in the case of the divorce between Phil and Luciaetta was not fair and was encouraged by inappropriate financial dealings. According to court records, Ivey had stopped paying alimony to his ex-wife in April 2011. The couple got a divorce in December 2009 after 7 years of married life, and it has taken Luciaetta one year to take her case to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Phil Ivey is one of the most famous poker players in the poker gaming community. Allegedly, his net worth was more than $100 million before the federal crackdown on Full Tilt Poker. He has also appeared on TV poker shows such as Poker After Dark by NBC. Phil Ivey, who is deeply involved in the civil case filed against Full Tilt Poker, is almost an inseparable aspect of international poker.

The marital split between Phil Ivey and Luciaetta has been widely discussed in poker circles and it was Las Vegas Review – Journal, which first published the news of Phil’s ex-wife moving the Nevada Supreme Court.

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