A lot of poker players are beginning to comment and predict as to what they believe is going to happen to the US online poker industry such as Daniel Negreanu and Doyle Brunson. Phil Hellmuth is the latest poker player to voice his opinion, and he claimed that online poker would not be legalized this year.
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Phil Hellmuth was interviewed by Tatjana Pasalic who uses the handle “Tatty Tats.” Hellmuth had initially been of the opinion that online poker would be legalized and regulated in the year 2011 before Christmas. He also mentioned that he was surprised that the legislation had not been passed. Later he believed that it would happen by February but now has changed his mind and believes that it is not likely to get legalized by the year 2012. He claimed that if the US poker legislation was not passed by April, then it would not happen in the year 2012 at all, on account of it being an election year.
Hellmuth believes that the US poker industry is a big winner and that it has great potential. So much so, that he would not mind having a piece of the action and starting his site of his won. Whether that will be something that poker players will trust in, remains to be seen – since player run sites like Full Tilt Poker have not done well.
Hellmuth also compared the US poker market to that of European markets. “I hate seeing the segregation of poker. Poker is a global sport. At the WSOP, you see over 100 countries represented every year. And there’s no doubt that the bigger prize pools that can come out of having global sites is good for everybody and the poker world,” he said.
However, Hellmuth was right in stating that the US poker industry is sure to be a big money winner and we already have several sites that exited the poker market lining up to re-enter.
In regards to the Full Tilt Poker issue, Hellmuth stated that before Black Friday no one in the industry would have even believed that the Full Tilt Poker site was a ponzi scheme. He also refrained from commenting further on the subject saying that he could not defend anyone without getting flak for it and would prefer to stay out of it.
Hellmuth is looking to pay high limit and no limit tables now and may be stepping up his poker game. “I am ready to show the world what I am capable of,” he said.

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