Phil Galfond is best known in the poker world these days as the creator of the Galfond Challenge and the founder of Run It Once poker. Galfond is one of the most respected poker players on the circuit with close to $3 million in career prize money based on the Hendon Mob.
New YouTube Channel
Phil Galfond announced on September 26 via Twitter that he decided to create a new YouTube channel. Galfond has over 114,000 followers on Twitter and his post got quite a response as his YouTube channel ended up with over 2,400 subscriptions in less than 3 days while his first video ‘How I deal with downswings’ has over 6,700 views at the time of this writing.
The video is just over 23 minutes and offers some great advice for poker players around the world. Galfond shares a number of quotes from Winston Churchill and discusses how he uses it to motivate himself when things are not going well for him. The transparency and honesty in the video have been well received with the video getting over 100 comments so far.
One of the comments said “Thanks so much for this Phil! You’ve put together some common and some uniquely personal ways of dealing with downswings in such a cool way here. I recently jumped up and am shot-taking bigger than I ever have before in poker, and it has been an abrupt and brutal downswing. I really needed to hear some of this from somewhere outside my own head, because I wasn’t getting through to myself. Looking forward to more content, keep it up!”
Galfond Shares Struggle
Galfond has a very busy schedule with his RIO poker site and his Galfond challenges along with playing poker. He said he planned to start a YouTube channel for a long time but kept putting it off due to a number of reasons. The biggest reason why he waited so long to launch a YouTube channel was that he did not have enough time.
Galfond said that juggling his time between his family, two businesses and playing poker left him with very little time. The second reason why he was hesitant was due to the fear of failure. He admitted that he did not feel confident of being able to post content on YouTube on a regular basis and he know that any successful YouTube channel needed to have consistency.
He admitted that things were difficult for him in 2021 and some of the things that happened to him brought him to a place where he felt comfortable launching his YouTube channel. Galfond admitted to being in a low place emotionally and had to face his fears. He was able to accept the fact that if he did start a YouTube channel and it failed, it wouldn’t be that bad!
Coaching and Training Videos
The initial plan is to post one video each week on his YouTube channel and increase the frequency of posting content going forward. Galfond plans to release a mix of short and long videos that will consist of poker coaching and tips from both him as well as the players he interviews going forward.
Galfond is currently 4-0 up in the Galfond Challenge which is a high-stakes PLO challenge. Some of the players who battled it out in the Galfond Challenge included Bill Perkins and Chance Kornuth. His RIO poker website went live in 2019 and continues to do well. Based on how things have started with his YouTube content venture, it looks like Galfond could have another successful project in the works.

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