Live poker has taken a huge hit because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of live poker players around the world have had a tough year as they have not only been in lockdown but unable to go out and play their favorite game. One way you can brighten up their 2020 is by giving them a special poker themed gift for Christmas.
Below is a list of some great gift ideas for all your friends and loved ones who love poker.
Set of Cards
Who wouldn’t want a brand new set of cards? Cards make for a perfect Christmas present for poker players and fans. You can find a lot of these items in the market from the lower-priced to the more expensive ones. Those that come in more affordable price points are made in paper and then coated in plastic.
But since the season of giving just happens once a year, why not go for the cards that are 100% plastic? Lookout for brands like Copag and Kem as they have cards made of pure plastic which of course are way much better when it comes to the looks and durability. You can even choose from a wide variety of designs and themes – may it be animal-themed, graffiti, or pop art inspired.
Poker Chips
You can also buy poker chip sets as gift to your poker-playing friends or family members. Like the cards, chip sets also differ in quality.
There are plastic chips which you can get for a cheaper price, but if you want to go all out with your present, choose the poker chips made of clay and ceramic. They cost higher than the plastic chips, but if you’re resourceful, you can get them for as low as $40. But hey, as what they always say, it’s the thought that counts! The trick here is to not spend what you cannot afford.
If you’ve ever watched a live poker game, you’ve probably observed that some players wear headphones while playing. They simply want to take it easy, listen to their favorite music while waiting for their turn and thinking about their next move. If someone close to you loves poker, you can buy them a cool pair of headphones.
Gaming Chair & Monitor
Some of your friends may also be playing poker online and prefer to avoid the hustle and noise in land-based venues by playing the game at online poker sites, from the comfort of their own homes. You can also give them a gaming chair or additional monitor as a gift.
A nice gaming chair makes playing online more comfortable and convenient. They come in various designs, colors, and sizes, and at different price points.
Another cool gift is an extra monitor that helps big time especially in multi-tabling. An ideal online poker set-up should have at least two monitors. If you think your poker-playing pal needs an extra, then consider buying one.
Other Gift Items      
For the casual poker fans who don’t usually play, you can give them other gifts, such as poker socks or other items poker players use at the table which include caps, t-shirts and accessories bearing their favorite brand. A poker book also makes for a great poker gift. Try to look for some autobiographies or those books that teach poker strategy.
Another unique and fun way to make your poker-loving loved ones happy is by asking a shout out from the poker pros they look up to.
A number of them are now on Cameo, an app where you can get a short video message or shout out from your favorite celebrities for a nominal fee. Popular pros like Phil Hellmuth, Antonio Esfandiari, Joe Hachem, Mike Matusow, Jonathan Little, and Jeff Gross are on Cameo so you better check it out.

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