Carbon Poker, the most prominent skins on the Merge Poker Network, recently announced that it will shut down PDC poker, one of its sister sites, and move PDC Poker players to Aced Poker with immediate effect.

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PDC Poker players received an email announcing the move and instructing them to download the Aced Poker online poker software from the Aced Poker website. The email stated, “We would firstly like to thank you very much for your time and loyalty at PDC Poker. However, as of Tuesday, December 11th @ 7:00 PM EST PDC Poker will be shutting down and migrating to Your account will be safely and securely transitioned to Aced, which we are excited to inform you will be your new home for poker and online gaming.”

The email further informed, “This migration should only take up to 5 hours and you will be able to login to your account at that point. There will not be any change to your username or password, so you will be able to login with the exact same details you were using at PDC Poker.”

The email also instructed PDC Poker players that they will have to download the Aced Poker software client and install it onto their computers so that they can get started immediately. Links were provided within the email so that players could get started with the download process at the earliest possible.

The shutting down of PDC Poker and the moving of its players to Aced Poker will save Carbon Poker a lot of money, which it would have spent on maintenance. On the downside, Carbon Poker will be shutting down Merge’s oldest online poker skin, one that is in fact older that Merge.

PDC Poker was launched in 2005 as and was later rebranded as PDC, which happens to be the initials of Poker Dot Com. The original owners of retained their rights to the site for other purposes. was the first online poker room on a network that later came to be known as the Merge Network. Carbon Poker and other online poker rooms joined the network much later.

If a PDC Poker player tries to login to his/her PDC account, he/she will automatically be re-directed to Aced Poker. Affiliate relationships, if any, will continue on Aced Poker; and PDC Poker banners and tracking links will be updated so that they will automatically redirect traffic to Aced Poker.

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