Paul Klann emerged as the winner of the L.A. Poker Classic after a difficult battle with Paul Volpe at the World Poker Tour Tournament. Volpe led the six finalists last Thursday with 4.195 million in chips. Klann only had more than 800K and was in second place. The veteran poker player Danny Fuhs was part of the final six as well as the UK’s Toby Lewis, who is the former European Poker Tour champion. The two other players that were newcomers yet equally skilled were David Fong and Jessie Yaginuma.
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Lewis was the first one to leave the final table. He came in with only a little over a million chips in hand and thought that he had a chance when Fuhs rose to the minimum bet of 100K. He thought that his A-10 was sure to win against A-9 for Fuhs however a nine appeared on the flop, which kicked Lewis out of the tournament placing him sixth.
After Lewis left, Klann and Volpe led the tournament in terms of chips. The excitement at the Commerce Casino rose as the turn of events became increasingly unpredictable. One moment Volpe or Klann would take the lead, then suddenly Fuhs took the top spot gaining the chip lead.
After a long wait and eighty hands, the next player made his exit. Fong who was playing steady had an unfortunate turn when he went up against Fuhs. Luckily for Fuhs, none of the Queens came out on the river, which was what Fong was expecting.
After almost 70 hands, another person left the room. This time it was Fuhs who met his unfortunate end after his Q-9, which was behind Volpe’s K-J from the very start. He placed fourth after losing on that hand.
The tension inside the room continued to build as only three remaining players went to battle. After seven hands, Yaginuwa lost to Volpe with Q-J against A-10. This started the showdown between the two men left to battle for the L.A. Poker Classic Title. Volpe had a 500K lead but everything was set to change after the break. Klann won 16 out of the 20 heads up hands, which gave him a higher chance to win the title but Volpe was determined to keep the lead.
The surprising end happened when Klann made his move with a raise to 600K and Volpe moved all in which Klann called. Klann only had K-10 however Volpe was in a much worse situation with his J-9. No Nine or Jack was shown on the board and the 14 million stacked chips Klann had made him the champion.
Here are the players ranking as well as the amount they raked in during the L. A. Poker Classic tournament.
1. Paul Klann, $1,004,090
2. Paul Volpe, $651,170
3. Jesse Yaginuma, $429,810
4. Danny Fuhs, $316,650
5. David Fong, $236,250
6. Toby Lewis, $193,560

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