Full Tilt Poker appears to be still in its death throws despite all current attempts by the valiant investor Bernard Tapie to revive it. Sadly, while this ship is going down it is also taking a lot of poker player money with it – hard earned money invested in the site’s poker accounts that are just not paying out.

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This brings one to question, who will be the biggest losing player at Full Tilt Poker is the site goes down. Unfortunately for poker professional Patrik Antonius – he may be a prime candidate.

Recent news reports quoted Patrik Antonius, an ex member of Team Full Tilt, saying that he would be “one of the biggest losers” if the site went down. This led many people to wonder just how much Mr. Antonius had stashed up in his Full Tilt Poker player account.

When it was revealed by an unknown source that Antonius only had $100 or so in his account which was later confirmed by the player himself, news reports alleged that Patrik Antonius was perhaps losing out of funds earned by the marketing deal he had with the Full Tilt Poker site.

“This one person made an attack on me, saying I had only $100 in my account. He was right but he’s not right that I’m not a very big loser in this. I’m also concerned how this person got the account balance and why he’s spreading around confidential information,” said Antonius.

According to the player in his interview with PokerListings.com, Full Tilt Poker is holding more than $5 million of his funds which are owed to him by other players. Since the money is frozen in other poker player’s accounts, they cannot cash out and pay Antonius. It may be possible that Tom Dwan is one of the players with his and Antonius’ winnings frozen in Dwan’s account.

“A lot of people owe me a lot of money and if Full Tilt goes down completely it’s going to be very difficult for them to pay,” said Antonius.

Antonius also mentioned facing problems with the site after Black Friday and claimed that he had given out his funds to other players but was not able to get it back from them as their accounts were frozen as well.

“The people I transferred the FTP money to are refusing to pay me because it’s stuck on the site and they don’t see it as real money,” said Antonius.

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