A new month is almost upon us, and with it comes a new promotion from PartyPoker.  February’s promo, dubbed “Hit or Run,” combines a little bit of grinding with a little bit of luck to produce some elevated heart rates.
Compared to most PartyPoker monthly promotions, Hit or Run is quite simple.  Starting February 1st and running through February 28th, PartyPoker will give players one dollar for every 20 PartyPoints earned at the real money tables.  That dollar is not just deposited in the player’s account.  Instead, it is a credit that can be used in the special Hit or Run heads-up game.
The game is played against a computer opponent.  One heads-up hand, one dollar.  If the player wins the hand, he can choose to take the two dollars he now has (the initial dollar plus the dollar won in the game) and “run” or “hit” and let it ride on a new hand.  The catch is that if the player “hits” and loses, he does not win a single penny.  If the player chooses to “run,” the money won is then credited to his PartyPoker account.
Players can “hit” ten times per game, including that first hand.  Thus, anyone who successfully wins all ten possible hands will win $1,024.  Again, players can choose not to risk their winnings and “run” away at any time.
While the exact details of the Hit or Run game play are not described on the PartyPoker website, it is probably appropriate to assume that both the player and computer are dealt two hole cards, the five community cards are dealt, and the winner is determined.  Regardless of the actual mechanics, the game is Flash-based and can be accessed via a player’s Party Account on the website.
While PartyPoker will credit players with a Hit and Run dollar for every 20 PartyPoints earned, players can only earn a maximum of ten games per day.  Any PartyPoints earned above 200 in given day will not go towards any more Hit and Run games.  So, with the ten game max, it is possible, though exceptionally improbable, that a player could win $10,240 a day and $286,720 over the course of the entire month.  Any Hit and Run games earned on February 28th can be played on March 1st, but after that, any unused games will be wasted.
Players still have until January 31st to earn PartyPoints for this month’s Cash Machine promotion.  To review, those who earn at least ten PartyPoints in each of ten days in January will qualify for a cash prize.  At the end of the month, PartyPoker will take the ten highest point earning days for each player and award that player one dollar for every point earned on the lowest day.  For example, if someone earns 500 PartyPoints in each of five days and 300 PartyPoints in each of another five days, that person will win $300.  The minimum award for the Cash Machine promotion is $10, but there is no maximum.
Those who earn at least 1,000 points in at least 20 days will also qualify for the Booster Bonus.  This bonus starts at $500 and can go as high as $5,000 for the highest volume players.
Those who are unable to earn at least ten points in ten different days but do earn at least one point in those days will earn a seat into PartyPoker’s $25,000 Cash Machine freeroll, scheduled for February 3rd at 3:00pm ET.
All money will be paid out within 48 hours of when the promotion ends.

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