For the third time this year online poker room PartyPoker is running its Million Dollar Hand promotion. After successful runs in March and June, the PartyPoints-based Million Dollar Hand will kick off its next go round on October 5th. Shortly after the site’s latest monthly promotion, The Cash Machine, wraps up on September 28th players will once again have a shot to make a royal flush and take their chance at $1 million.
The rules from the previous runs of the Million Dollar Hand remain the same. Players earn one randomly selected playing card for each fifteen PartyPoints they earn. Customers earn one PartyPoint for every $.50 paid in tournament and Sit & Go registration fees. Points are also earned at the cash game tables at a prorated rate dependent on what stakes are being played. For the Million Dollar Hand promotion, users can earn up to two cards per day with a maximum of 52 cards for the entire promotional period.
PartyPoker will pay out a cash prize each time a player makes a five card hand and the amount of the payout will vary depending on how good each hand is. If a hand contains one pair, the player receives $3. Should they end up with a higher quality hand, straights pay out $50 while flushes are worth $100. The big payout is reserved for a royal flush, which is worth a cool $1 million. Be forewarned though, no one made a royal flush in either of the previous runs of the promotion. However, several players have completed straight flushes, which earned each of them $10,000 and made the powers that be at PartyPoker a little nervous.
“The Million Dollar Hand makes a welcome return and the cards are in the air on October 5th. A royal flush hasn’t hit on a previous running yet but we have certainly scared our insurers with a number of straight flush payouts”, a PartyPoker spokesman explained. “This time we might not be so lucky!”

PartyPoker users will all receive their first card for free, but will have to rack up the PartyPoints in order to obtain any more. In addition to netting points, users will also need to go to their Party Accounts in order to reveal each of their cards. All cards must be revealed by 11:59 ET on October 31st in order to be redeemed for cash prizes. The time period in which to earn cards will draw to a close at 11:59 on October 30th. Participants in the promotion will continue to have their PartyPoints go towards their monthly goals for VIP status in the Palladium Lounge.
Here is the payout structure for the month-long promotion:
Royal flush – $1,000,000
Straight flush – $10,000
Four of a kind – $1,000
Full house – $150
Flush – $100
Straight – $50
Three of a kind – $20
Two pair – $10
One pair – $3

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