Each day, the sun rises, the sun sets, we go to sleep, and a new day starts again. Days turn into a week, weeks turn into a month, and with that new month comes another PartyPoker promotion. This time it is a rehash of a promo from last year, the PartyPoints boost.
The PartyPoints Boost is open exclusively to Gold, Palladium, and Palladium Elite players. Players in each of these Key levels can login to their PartyPoker accounts to see the personalized PartyPoints Boost bonus tailored specifically to their pattern of play. The bonuses are calculated based on PartyPoints earned between February 22nd and May 23rd, provided players were the Gold, Palladium, or Palladium Elite level on May 24th. As one might expect, the highest bonuses go to the players that have earned the most PartyPoints.
Seeing as the PartyPoints Boost is a points bonus and not an actual cash injection, it does come with playthrough requirements. Clearance rates vary based on the bonus, with the most favorable terms given to those who are offered the highest Boost. For example, Group A will receive a 1,000 PartyPoint bonus and will require 6,000 points to be earned to clear. At the other end of the spectrum, Group K will receive a 35,000 PartyPoint bonus, but will only need to earn 100,000 points to clear it.
Keep in mind, like with many of PartyPoker’s promotions, players must opt-in to the PartyPoints Boost. PartyPoints earned between June 1st and August 31st will be counted towards the clearance of the personalized bonus, but it does not matter when a player opts-in – all points during the period will be calculated. Bonus points earned from the Boost will not count towards VIP level progression, but can be used in the PartyPoker points store and can be used to redeem cash bonuses. Also, PartyPoints earned during the promotional period (not the bonus points) will also apply to any simultaneous promotions.
The table below lists all eleven PartyPoints Boost groups, along with the associated bonuses and points required to clear said bonuses.
Group      PartyPoints Bonus          Points to Clear
A                 1,000                                     6,000
B                 1,500                                      9,000
C                 2,500                                    12,000
D                3,500                                    15,000
E                 5,000                                  20,000
F                 7,000                                  25,000
G                 9,000                                  30,000
H              12,000                                   40,000
I                15,000                                  50,000
J               20,000                                  65,000
K              35,000                                100,000
PartyPoker still has a few other promotions running, even as PartyPoints Boost gets started. Drive the Dream qualifiers are being held daily, giving players a chance to win a seat in the live Drive the Dream Final from which they can drive home in a brand new Aston Martin DB9 Coupe. For just a couple more weeks, players can try to win a seat in the World Series of Poker Main Event at PartyPoker, and the WSOP for Life contest continues through June 20th. In addition, Palladium members can continue to compete in the WSOP for Life VIP points races to win both cash prizes and extra points for the WSOP for Life leader board.

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