Sunday was a scheduled day off at the Main Event of the 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP), giving the more than 2,500 remaining players a much needed break.  Amongst the hoard are four members of Team PartyPoker: Dragan Galic, Felipe Ramos, Tyron Krost, and Kara Scott.
Galic started Day 2 with about 60,000 chips, double the starting chip stack.  Right from the get-go, he was on a tear, raking in chips left and right.  In one of his big hands, Jason Gray bet 10,000 after a 6♦ 7♠ 9♦ flop, with 25,000 already in the middle.  Galic pushed all-in and Gray called with top two pair.  Galic was behind, but with 7♦ 8♦, he was on a monster straight flush draw.  The turn did nothing for him, but a 5 landed on the river, giving Galic his straight and knocking out Gray.  After the hand, Galic told floor reporters, “With this flop, I put in everything. Everything! My car, my house, my wife…my second wife…”
Galic became the chip leader later, thanks, in part, to Aces.  With the rockets and the board reading 6-2-A-2-Q, Galic moved in with his boat, happy to see his opponent call with just two pair.  At that point, Galic was up to 310,000 chips.  He dipped a bit by the end of Day 2, but with 263,300, he is still amongst the chip leaders.
Felipe Ramos and Tyron Krost both made it through Day 2 with over 70,000 chips – Ramos with 72,200 and Krost with 70,800.  While he is still in decent shape, Day 2 proved to be a down day for Krost, as he started out with 86,575 chips.  Down to 40,000 at one point, Krost told the PartyPoker blog that he simply hadn’t “run particularly well.”
The looks of Team PartyPoker, Kara Scott, started Day 2 with 68,625 chips and finished slightly lower, with 62,600.  She had actually built her stack up to as much as 130,000 via the good, old flush over flush elimination hand, but she couldn’t sustain the success.  Details are lacking, but it seems that she may have spewed a bit, as she Tweeted, “I eschew tilt, I eschew tilt, I eschew tilt. Argh!!”
Poker Hall of Famer and “Ambassador of Poker,” Mike Sexton, was nursing a short stack to start Day 2 and was not able to last long.  Same was true of Bodo Sbrzesny, who saw his pocket Tens fall to Ace-Jack when a Jack flopped.  Giovanni Safina started Day 2 with almost 50,000 chips and was up to 82,000 when the poker gods frowned on him.  With A-6 and heads-up against the big stack at the table, he had to have been happy when the flop came down A-6-7.  After a raise and a re-raise, Safina got all of his chips in the pot and was insta-called by the big stack.  With 6-6 in the hole, Safina’s opponent had him crushed.  Safina couldn’t find another Ace on the turn or river and was sent packing earlier than he would have liked or expected.
Day 3 will be the first day in which the entire remaining field will be playing at the same time.  It will begin Monday at noon Vegas time.

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