It’s the beginning of a new month and we all know what that means: it’s time for a new PartyPoker promotion.  For May, that promo is potentially quite lucrative.
Running through May 23rd, players will have the chance to win a million dollars in the appropriately named Million-Dollar Hand promotion.  Nothing fancy is required to participate; players just need to play poker as usual.
For every 15 PartyPoints a player earns at real money tables, he will receive one random playing card.  Once five cards are collected a poker hand can be made.  Any five card poker hand that ranks as a pair or better will earn the player a guaranteed cash prize.  Anyone who can piece together a royal flush will bank a cool million dollars.  Here is the breakdown of the different prizes:
Royal flush – $1 million
Straight flush – $10,000
Four of a kind – $1,000
Full house – $150
Flush – $100
Straight – $50
Three of a kind – $20
Two pair – $10
Pair – $3
PartyPoker is giving every real money player their first playing card for free.  
There is no limit to the number of royal flushes that a player is allowed to win (as if anyone will actually win one), but there is a ten card limit, and therefore a two hand limit, per person, per day.  And while no “opt-in” is required for the Million-Dollar Hand promotion, players must login to their accounts on the website in order to reveal the cards.  PartyPoker will not count any unrevealed cards.  
As a reminder for those who have not played at PartyPoker in a while, two PartyPoints are earned for every $1 in rake attributed to the player in a cash game.  For example, if four players are dealt cards and $2 in rake is taken from the pot, 50 cents in rake ($2 divided by 4) will be attributed to each player and therefore each player will be awarded one PartyPoint.  For tournaments, two PartyPoints are awarded for every $1 in tournament fees.
In addition to the base Million-Dollar Hand promo, PartyPoker is giving Palladium members an extra incentive to play during the month of May.  On top of the cash prizes for collecting playing cards and making poker hands, Palladium members will also earn points towards the Million-Dollar Hand VIP Race.  Points will accumulate throughout the duration of the Million-Dollar Hand promo and in the end, the top 200 players on the VIP Race leader board will win additional prizes.  The top two prizes: $13,000 World Series of Poker prize packages.  The rest of the top 200 will receive cash prizes ranging from $6,500 to $100.  Also, the top 600 players on the VIP Race leader board will receive an entry into the Million-Dollar Hand VIP freeroll in which two more WSOP prize packages and cash prizes will be awarded.
The breakdown of leader board points for the various poker hands is as follows:
Royal or straight flush  – 15
Four of a kind – 12
Full house – 10
Flush – 9
Straight – 8
Three of a kind – 6
Two pair – 4
Pair – 2
To further reward Palladium players for putting in the hours this month, PartyPoker is giving players bonus VIP Race points for high volume play.  Anyone earning from 300 to 499.99 PartyPoints in a single day will receive one extra Race point.  Those earning from 500 to 799.99 PartyPoints will get two additional Race points, and Palladium members clearing 800 or more PartyPoints in a day will get three Race points.

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