PartyPoker users who are curious how they stack up against the competition have a new tool at their disposal as well as a chance to turn their tournament poker success into additional cash prizes. The site has introduced four new leaderboards that will track the progress of multi-table tournament and Sit & Go players on PartyPoker and give them a chance to take a shot at $30,000 worth of prizes each month.
The four new leaderboards are divided into two tournament categories. There will be two leaderboards tracking players’ Sit & Go progress and two leaderboards keeping tabs on players’ multi-table tournament success. For each tournament type there will be separate monthly and weekly leaderboards, with any points a player earns during a given period counting towards both.
The formula to determine leaderboard points will be the same across all four leaderboards. The amount of points a player earns will be based on buy-in and how much money they won. The exact formula is as follows:
Points earned = (V Buy-in)/2 + V Winnings
For those who are not overly fluent in math, the square root of the cost of the buy-in minus tournament fees is divided in half. That number is then added to the square root of the amount of money a player won in the event and the sum of the two represents how many points a player earns for a tournament. For example, if a player bought in to a $10 Sit & Go and cashed for $50, the amount of points they would earn would be 8.65. Even if players don’t cash in an event, they will still accumulate leaderboard points for participating. In the official press release announcing the new leaderboard, PartyPoker representatives stated that they believed this was an effective formula that put emphasis on both the volume a player puts in at the site and the success they experience.
Each month the respective winners of each of the weekly leaderboards will receive a $500 cash prize. Those who finish in the top 100 spots on each of the monthly leaderboards will all receive cash prizes for their efforts as well. The winner of the monthly Sit & Go leaderboard will receive a $2,500 cash prize and the winner of the monthly multi-table tournament leaderboard will get $2,000. The second and third place Sit & Go finishers will get $1,800 and $1,200 respectively while the runner-up in the multi-table tournament race takes home $1,000. The prizes get incrementally smaller the further down the leaderboard with the 81st-100th place finishers in the Sit & Go race earning $40 and the 81st-100th place finishers for MTTS getting $30.
Players are eligible to win money and earn points on all four of the leaderboards and they do not have to opt-in in order to participate. Those who want to check their personal standings on the various leaderboards can do so by visiting PartyPoker’s official website. Leaderboard races for the month of September have already begun, but there is still plenty of time to start logging hours to compete for the weekly and monthly prizes.

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