partypoker has continued to improve its offerings with its players in mind. The online poker room just launched its brand new tables which now come with additional features and upgraded functions, all aimed at taking player experience to a whole new level.
If you have yet to log on to your partypoker account since the weekend, we’ll give you an idea of what you can expect from the operator’s latest table upgrades which were launched on November 29.

Enhanced Look

The first thing that would catch your attention when you fire the new tables up for the first time are the new graphics. Emojis, throwables, new cards, and larger avatars that flash in various colors according to your opponent’s action, are now available, making the action more fun and exciting.
If you’re one of the players who dislike the traditional way of editing the in-game settings, here’s some great news for you – you may now make changes to how your table felts and cards look, or make adjustments to your bet button amounts without having to go back to the main partypoker lobby. All of the options are now readily available right in the corner of your table, meaning you can edit your in-game settings on the spot!

New Features

Partypoker has also added a handful of new features for you to enjoy. First, you can now easily see which opponent has gone all-in via a new all-in triangle appearing next to their alias.
There’s also a new hand strength indicator with a toggle on/off button which is located to the left of your avatar. This fresh option will prevent you from misreading your hand as it updates in real-time.
You also have expanded options when it comes to sounds and animations, with a new timebank indicator also added.

More Upgrades

Remember when you need to click on the rabbit that pops on your screen at the end of the hand to check out the upcoming card? You don’t have to do that now. The improved Rabbit Hunt feature now allows you to see what card would have been dealt next by simply clicking on the blank cards shown on the table.
The note-taking feature has also been enhanced. You can now take notes on your opponents and assign a color for each one so that you can easily access and view them while the hand is in progress.
For tournament players, partypoker has also upgraded the in-the-money (ITM) indicator. You can now quickly keep track of your position while playing any tournament, with the indicator on display while you’re in the middle of grinding events.

partypoker Continues to Put Players First

All of these upgrades have been introduced based on player feedback. Over the years, partypoker has remained committed to keeping its players involved in any changes they’re planning to implement to make the platform a better and more secure place to play in.
partypoker was among the first operators to conduct a major crackdown on bots in a bid to provide a safer and fairer gaming environment for all players.
Since 2019, it has publicly disclosed details of its fight against illegal third-party software. The site has closed dozens of accounts and returned more than $1 million in funds to affected players in two years. Reports from players concerning suspicious activity across the platform have played a vital role in minimizing the problem.
The online poker room has also continued to boost its game offerings, hosting massive online tournaments that allow players to chase for tournament glory and take a shot at huge prizes. This latest table upgrade is another testament to the site’s strong commitment to providing a unique, world-class poker experience for all.

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