Last week, we told you that PartyPoker had changes to its PartyPoints program in the works, changes ready to be implemented at the end of June. While PartyPoker did send out an e-mail to its customers announcing the revamped system, not all of the details were presented. Fortunately, a PartyPoker representative posted some additional information in a popular poker forum this week, so now we have a better idea about just how good the PartyPoints changes will be for the customer.
As part of the new Points program, PartyPoker will be making bonuses available for purchase at various “Key” levels similar to what it does now with its “Rewards” levels. At most levels, however, the bonuses will be greater in relation to the Points required to purchase them, compared to what is available now. What was not known when PartyPoker made the announcement was how difficult or easy the bonuses would be to clear.
As it turns out, PartyPoker will be making the bonuses easier to clear than they are now. Rather than needing to earn five times the bonus in PartyPoints, players will only need 3.75 all the way down to 1.25 times the bonus, depending on how large the bonus is.
The $100 dollar bonus will required 375 PartyPoints to earn, the $350 bonus will require 1,000, the $1,200 bonus will take 2,500 Points, the $3,000 bonus will be earned at 5,000 Points, and the whopping $20,000 bonus will only require 25,000 Points.
The other nice thing is that the bonuses will be released in five parts, allowing players to at least earn partial bonuses if they are unable to complete all of the requirements. The PartyPoints do not need to be earned too quickly though, as PartyPoker is giving players 180 days to earn them.
Overall, the changes to the PartyPoints program are designed to give players better value for their PartyPoints. The biggest changes will occur at the Gold, Palladium, and Palladium Elite Key levels (as briefly mentioned earlier, “Key” levels replace “Rewards” levels). At the Gold level, rather than needing 12,000 points to buy cash or a bonus, only 4,000 will be required. Of course, the dollar amounts will be less, too, but the Points-to-dollar ratio will be better.  For the immediate cash infusion, it will be 4,000 Points for $200, a 20-to-1 ratio. Currently, it’s 12,000 Points for $500, a 24-to-1 ratio. The new bonus that can be purchased (the bonus, as discussed above, is released as PartyPoints are earned; the cash purchase is immediately deposited into a player’s account) will be $350, less than an 11.5-to-1 ratio, compared to the current $1,000 bonus, a 12-to-1 ratio.
At the Palladium Key level, there will be two options: a 10,000 Point purchase or a 20,000 Points purchase. For 10,000 Points, the cash given will be at a 16.67-to-1 ratio and the bonus will be half that. For 20,000, it will be 13.33-to-1 for cash and, again, half that for the bonus. The current option is for a 30,000 Point purchase and 20-to-1 cash ratio or a 10-to-1 bonus ration.
Finally, at Palladium Elite, it will only take 100,000 Points to get $15,000 in cash, 50,000 Points less than it does now. A $20,000 bonus option will be added, as well, an option that is currently non-existent.
For those high volume players that are shooting for the upper echelons of the PartyPoker loyalty program, those levels will be easier to achieve. Palladium will only require 9,000 PartyPoints per quarter, down from 15,000, and Palladium Elite will require 50,000 Points, down from 75,000.

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