PartyPoker was once one of the most popular online poker websites in the world along with PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker but over the years PartyPoker has lost a lot of online poker traffic to its competitors and has slowly been pushed out from being known as one of the best online poker websites in the world.

The online poker industry is fiercely competitive and a constantly changing industry that makes it essential for online poker companies to be able to adapt to market changes, rely on innovative promotions and have a world class software in place to ensure that they have a strong base of online poker players.

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Towards the end of 2015, the leadership at PartyPoker decided to come up with a new strategy aimed at reviving the PartyPoker brand and capturing a bigger share of the online poker market. In October, the company decided to launch a special “Poker for the People” campaign that was designed to create a fair player experience and open communication channels between the management and its players.

The company renamed its VIP loyalty program to Loyalty 2.0 and also decided to stop third party tools from operating in its new poker room. The head of PartyPoker, Tom Waters also informed players that they will no longer be subjected to withdrawal charges irrespective of which eWallet they end up using. Waters and his team also launched an enhanced Power Series tournament schedule that was more attractive for PartyPoker players.

PartyPoker is now considered to be the fourth most popular online poker website in the world after PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker (FTP) and iPoker. Now that Amaya Inc has announced that it will merge FTP with PokerStars, PartyPoker wants to continue its push to see if it can reclaim the market share that it lost in the past.

In a statement, Waters said “Firstly, we realized that, as a company, we had made some mistakes in the past and perhaps neglected our players. This led to a detailed review of the business and we looked to see where partypoker could fit into the marketplace and offer something back to the players. Partypoker has had its problems over the last few years but it looks like we are now heading in the right direction and players are warming to the changes that we are making.”

Waters believes that in the next couple of years, more states in the country will legalize online poker and wants PartyPoker to be ready to enter these new markets and become a major force right away.

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