PartyPoker has always been a great place to play poker and this is a fact known to all, but one thing that many people do not know about PartyPoker has fairly mediocre bonuses in comparison to what other sites offer.

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PartyPoker has decided to compensate for the same. PartyPoker has decided to entice players with new offers in order to increase their customer base and hence they have brought in many new features into their marketing plan.

PartyPoker has now decided to change its point system and its rake cap and this new system has good and bad sides to it. How the system works out for the player depends on whether the player has got points that are worthy and useful. Points will only be awarded to those players who contribute to the pot. In this way only those who really contribute will get to take away some good prizes, and others who while away their time and play multiple tables without investing much or enough will not be able to take something that does not belong to them, and this is only fair. The rake cap has increased and though the percentage to be taken away is still at 5%, this also means that the poker site will make more from the pots based on how the game plays out. PartyPoker has ensured that not all the rake caps are increased and hence some of the rake caps still remain the same. The commonest hike in rake caps is in those games that have mid level stakes.

Some poker sites had changed their points system also known as their rake system recently, but PartyPoker had stuck to the old one, but now with a new system in place PartyPoker seems to have increased the rake that peers can collect from this site.

PartyPoker might be turning tricks to attract more players but this is a good thing to do since this offer is a great one. Players who have played on and off while also contributing to the pot will be attracted to this offer since this increase their chance of winning good prizes. This strategy may or may not work but it might decrease players getting put off due to the bonuses.

People with a low budget will stay away from the mid level stakes and those games but others will definitely want a piece of the pie!

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