There are still a few days to go before PartyPoker’s latest installment of the Million Dollar Hand promotion comes to a close and a player has yet to be dealt a royal flush. The promotion has doled out 65,652 pairs, 7,446 two pair hands, 3,328 sets, 625 straights, 398 flushes, 240 full houses, 34 sets of quads and four straight flushes though. While the royal flush has yet to hit, the four players who hit straight flushes are likely more than happy to have an extra $10,000 in their PartyPoker accounts.
PartyPoker users still have until October 30th to take part in the Million Dollar Hand, but the site is already looking ahead to November. The site plans on bringing back its popular Gladiator promotion next month. The same promotion ran during April of this year with great success, so the online poker room is bringing it back in just a matter of days and sweetening the deal with the possibility to play in the 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event.
For those who missed it the last time around, the Gladiator is designed to reward players for the time they spend on the site during the month of November. Players are awarded cash prizes and freeroll entries based on how many PartyPoints they earn over a set number of days. If a player can earn 10 PartyPoints a day for five days, they win entry into a freeroll tournament with a $5,000 prize pool. Participants will earn additional cash prizes if they earn more points and play for more consecutive days. For example, if a user earns 100 points a day for 15 days, they will receive a $140 cash prize in their PartyPoker account.
The cash prizes range from $15 to $1,100, but the grand prize is worth much more than that. Every player who is able to rack up 1,000 points per day every day in the month of November will receive an Aussie Millions Main Event buy-in valued at $10,500. The prize pool at the January event is expected to exceed to be around AUD$2 million.
The days played do not have to be consecutive, so if a player takes a day off but still meets the base daily point requirement they are still eligible for prizes. Players can check their Gladiator point totals on their PartyPoker account. Points accrued during the promotional period will continue to apply towards PartyPoker’s customer rewards program, Palladium Lounge. Players who wish to participate in the Gladiator promotion will need to opt-in before they can begin earning eligible points.
The event runs from November 1st-30th and the site assures players who put in smaller volume will still be rewarded for their efforts. In an official press release from PartyPoker, one of their spokespeople explained that, “this promotion isn’t all about maximus PartyPoints, it is about spreading play over a period of time for maximus rewards! It is simple and offers great value and we encourage players to challenge themselves and take a closer look.”

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