The players who were fortunate to take part in the PokerTableRatings promotion at PartyPoker definitely walked back with some great rewards. The promotion provided an abundant amount of prizes in this exclusive online competition.

A lot of people from the online gambling circuit have admitted that this promotion was one of the finest cash game deals held in the times gone by. The rewards weren’t entirely based on odds and the prizes weren’t offered for just those who participate for 17 hours every day for a month. As an alternative, participants had to overcome hurdles if they have to get one of those exclusive badges. They would win plenty of rewards when they gather more number of badges.

The jackpot was passed on to the initial five participants who received twelve badges. Each one of these participants bagged an iPad or a customized set of Paulson poker chips. Both the iPad and the chipset are rated at $629 on a retail bases. The participants bore the screen names “madf15h”, “grandesmokio”, “lolmaha”, “alexsuplucky”, “gym_tan_laun” and “madf15h”.

The subsequent group of winners was the initial ten players to receive eight or more badges and each of them bagged a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox gaming system with Kinect. These participants carried the screen names “takeflip”, “scvready”, “zhang3feng”, “madf15h”, “cryst4l__r3d”, “wan_tan_zang”, “soulofdaprty”, and “soulofdaprty”

Lastly, the third set of fifty players who received four or more badges won a $10 worth of Amazon gift coupons.

Irrespective of the tier each player acquired, they all bagged a PokerTableRatings Premium membership and admittance into a special freeroll at PartyPoker. The players who came up to the first tier also known as ‘Ballers’, will contest for a WPT Vienna prize package rated at $6000, whereas the players who ranked from second till fifth positions will get a free of cost PartyPoker Monthly Million ticket of $460.

The expert participants will receive a freeroll with top five positions getting a monthly million ticket and players occupying the sixth to tenth positions will receive a $30000 assured ticket valued $162. The rest of the participants will get a freeroll with a reward of $500.

This was an exclusive promotion because the participants could gather different badges which gave away smarts, daring play while playing it out continuously every day.

To qualify in this promotion the players had to play actual money games at a least cost of $0.05-$0.10 stakes for No Limit Hold’em or $0.25-$0.50 for Limit Hold’em.

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