During this worldwide recession, people are always on the lookout for ways to cut corners and save money. Luxuries like vacations and leisure items become less important as people aim to just get by with what they need. One Party Poker customer really took this idea of money saving to heart when he cashed in his frequent player points for a very unusual cause—his honeymoon.
Gary Scharkov, a 35-year old poker player from Toronto, Canada. He logged enough hours at the high stakes limit poker tables to earn a membership into Party Poker’s Palladium Lounge. The Palladium Lounge is the VIP component of Party Poker’s customer loyalty program and is reserved for those players who earn 36,000 Party Points a year at a rate of 9,000 points every three months.
As a Palladium Lounge member, Scharkov had plenty of PartyPoints to burn and, according to the story he recounted to Party Poker, he was just browsing through the PartyPoints store when he noticed there was a vacation to the tropical island of St. Lucia up for grabs. He decided to cash in 55,000 points to purchase the trip and use the excursion to take his new wife, Rachel, on their honeymoon. It is fitting that poker helped provide for their honeymoon, considering the two first met at a local card room eight years ago. In fact, Rachel is an accomplished poker player herself and has her own status as a Party Poker Palladium Lounge member.
Scharkov relayed his story to Party Poker representatives in an official press release. “I was looking at how I could use my loyalty points one day and by fluke came across the holiday while looking at the store online”, said Scharkov. “It is fantastic to be able to use my points for something as important and expensive as my honeymoon. We had a great time, the holiday was top draw and to come back and see U2 live from a box was brilliant too!” The U2 concert he is referring to is one he and his new wife saw from specialty box seats with other Palladium Lounge members. The online card room offers concierge service to its Palladium Lounge members and obtaining items like concert tickets are included within those services.
Oddly enough, this is not the first instance of Party Poker-themed matrimony. In 2006 a couple who met online at the Party Poker tables got married with none other than longtime Party Poker spokesperson serving as a witness.
Those interested in taking part in Party Poker’s VIP program can qualify just by playing on the site. All customers immediately qualify for Bronze level status and reach the next level up, Silver, by earning 400 points per month.

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