It’s not a new version of its software altogether, but as is the case almost every month, Party Poker has made updates to its software client in order to improve the playing experience for its customers. A representative for Party Poker said that most of the changes that have been made will actually be completely invisible as they involve infrastructure rather than gameplay features. The company is also focusing heavily on preparing its French offering,, and improving, its Italian product. Here is what Party Poker players will notice with the latest update:
Table focus option – Players who use the table stacking feature will now have a “Table stays in focus until action is completed” option. Many players who massively multi-table enjoy stacking their tables, meaning that every table is laid directly on top of the next one. This allows players to conserve mouse movements as well as not having to look all around their monitor (or monitors) for the next table at which they need to act. By choosing the option to have the current table stay in focus until any action is completed, players will avoid any potential problems with tables popping up while they are making a decision at another one, which could result in mis-clicks or at least the loss of concentration.
Chat restriction – a feature that is in place at pretty much every other poker room, players will no longer be able to chat when someone at the table is all-in. This is particularly important in tournaments, as it prevents players not involved in a hand from influencing someone’s action. There is not much worse in poker than going all-in in a bluff and while your opponent is mulling over his decision, another player who has already folded tells him to call because you must be bluffing. One player to a hand is the universal rule in poker, and turning off chat during all-ins will help people to not violate it.
Convenience features – a number of small features have been added to make navigating the games more convenient for Party Poker customers. They may seem like obvious additions, but they weren’t there before, so they are worth mentioning. In the “list” view version of the lobby, there is now an option to hide full single table tournaments (STT), which makes sense since you can’t join a full STT, anyway. For both cash games (No-Limit and Pot-Limit) and tournaments (No-Limit, Pot-Limit, and Fixed-Limit), players will now be able to filter for Speed or Regular tables. Other filters desired by players, such as for 20 big blind tables and Double-or-Nothing STTs, have not been added yet, but Party Poker does plan to install them later this year. Additionally, the Quick Seat feature has been fixed, as it will no longer consider reserved seats to be open when searching for a table.
One problem seems to have developed since the new version of the client was released. For whatever reason, when a player checks “Sit out next big blind,” rather than doing what it should, the software sits the player out on the very next hand after checking the box. Party Poker has said that this problem is being addressed and suggests unchecking the “auto-post blind” box in the meantime as a sort of workaround.

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