The online poker room Party Poker recently revealed the details of its latest monthly promotion right as its August Card Rush program draws to a close. The newest promotion, called the Cash Machine, is set to get underway on September 1st and continue throughout the month until 11:59PM ET on September 28th. Unlike the Card Rush promotion, in which players were able to earn cards akin to a scratch off lottery ticket, the Cash Machine promises to reward loyal and active customers with cash deposits in their Party Poker account.
The Cash Machine promotion centers around PartyPoints, the customer rewards system in place for Party Poker users. Players earn one PartyPoint for every $.50 they spend in tournament fees. PartyPoints can also be earned at the cash game tables. The number of PartyPoints a player can earn at real money ring games is prorated based on what stakes are being played. For example, if a user plays 25 hands at a $1/$2 No Limit Hold’em cash game table they earn ten PartyPoints.
In the month of September players can earn money based on how many PartyPoints they earn. Participants need to earn at least ten PartyPoints on ten different days over the course of the month. These days do not have to be consecutive. At the end of the month, Party Poker will look at a player’s ten highest points-earning days and will pay out $1 per point for the day with the lowest daily points total. For example, if the lowest daily points total over a player’s top ten days is 150 points, that player will earn $150.
Party Poker users interested in participating in the Cash Machine must opt in to the promotion. Participants can opt in at any point during the promotional period. Players can have up to 28 qualifying days of play. If a player earns at least ten points on all 28 days, PartyPoker will look at the ten days with the highest daily points totals and determine the lowest points earning day from those.
The minimum payout for the Cash Machine promotion is $10 and there is no limit to how much money customers can earn. The cash earned from the promotion will be deposited into users’ accounts on Tuesday September 29th. If a player does not earn enough points to qualify for the $10 minimum payout, there is still a chance for them to earn money from the Cash Machine. Those who do not qualify for a $10 payout but have earned points on ten separate days will be entered into a $25,000 freeroll that will take place at 12PM ET on Saturday October 3rd.

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