Party Poker, the world’s second largest online poker room, is all set to launch a promotion called World Domination next week, which will challenge players to collect cities through real money poker play and win cash prizes based on their performance.

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The promotion commences on November 7th at midnight, and will permit participants to receive a city whenever they earn 10 Party Points through real money poker play. The promotion involves 24 cities from four continents and 18 countries, randomly selected.

Players who successfully collect 9 cities will receive cash prizes immediately. The online poker room will offer prizes in the range of $1 and $20 for the cities collected by players. If players collect 9 more cities after winning their cash prizes, they will gain entries to lucrative freerolls. For instance, if players get a city called Hyderabad, they will get a free entry to a tournament carrying a fabulous prize pool of $10,000. If players get Vancouver, they will win a free entry to a tournament with a prize pool of $1000. However, the freerolls can be played only during the following year with the first of them to be played on April 2012.

If a player wins entries to the same freeroll more than once, he/she will receive 5 Party Points for each free entry won.

Party Poker has chosen 4 cities from 18 countries all over the world for this promotion. If a player gets 4 cities from one country, he/she will get attractive prizes. If players collect 4 cities from England, they will win a share of $1,200, and if they collect four cities from Canada and Russia, they will win a share of $1,100 and $1000, respectively. The lowest prizes are offered by New Zealand and Japan, which offer prizes of $75 each.

If a player wins cities from one continent, they stand the chance of getting a share of enormous prize pools. For instance, Europe and South America have prize pools of $20,000 and $15,000, respectively. If players collect cities in North America or Asia, they will win a share of $10,000 and $5000, respectively. The smallest prize pool of $2000 is offered by Oceania.

The player who collects all the 72 cities involved in this promotion will be assigned the status of World Domination. Besides, a breathtakingly large prize of $100k will be presented to him/her. Players just need a real play account at Party Poker to get started with this promotion.

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