Party Poker is the latest online poker room to unroll changes in their software this month, and their newest upgrade features a long list of features designed to improve and enhance the playing experience. The online poker site’s official blog denoted over a dozen new additions to Party’s poker client ranging from updates to the lobby to new features when a player is disconnected.  Here is a rundown of some of the most noteworthy changes:
There are two major changes regarding situations in which a player does not act in time. The first change is that players who are disconnected will have their “auto post blinds” box unchecked and the player will automatically sit out in order to allow them time to re-establish their internet connection. The second change is that players who do not act on a hand will no longer have their cards automatically folded. Rather, the player will check until facing a bet and only then will their cards be folded if they time out.
The lobby also received some upgrades, including a new “hide full tables” option that allows the user to view only tables with available seats. Additionally, the waiting list option has been reconfigured so that the waiting list can be joined if there is only one remaining available seat at the table.
Another key change is designed to cut down on players “hitting and running” on a table and returning a short time later with only the minimum starting stack. This behavior, which the site terms “rat-holing”, had previously been a major complaint of users, as they were not being given a chance to win back money they lost to another player. The specifics of the changes were not released, but the amount of time a player must wait before returning to a cash game table with an amount less than what they picked up with is likely longer. Other noteworthy changes include embedded buy-in windows as opposed to pop up windows, improved keyboard shortcuts and the ability for users to view their last 100 hands in their hand histories.
The new upgrade also allows users more flexibility in how they utilize their PartyPoints, the site’s frequent player rewards program. Customers can now specify which bonuses they would like their points to apply towards. Should a new bonus become available, users can switch from one bonus to the new one without having their standing in either bonus compromised at all.
New games have also been introduced with the upgrade. Party Poker added new Super Speed ring games, which allow players only nine seconds to act on their hand. In addition to the new fast-paced cash games, 9-handed single table Sit & Gos and Omaha games are also available. Prior to the upgrade, these games were generally played 10-handed, but the site cut out a player at some of the tables and tournaments in order to cater to players seeking faster games.
The complete list of upgrades is available on Party Poker’s official web site. The site is currently seeking feedback from users on the new features via e-mail, Twitter or comment on their company blog.

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