At the end of January, Party Poker released the latest updates to its poker software.  There were no major changes, but the ones made should make most customers’ playing experiences just that much better.
The part of the update that will have the most immediate impact on an individual’s day in, day out play at Party Poker is the improvement to the bet slider.  Players who don’t actively seek to change the slider’s behavior will not notice anything different, as the default state represents no change from what it was previously.  The mid-point of the slider is the mid-point of the player’s chip stack.  Investigate further, however, and there are some nice new options for the slider.
There are two alternatives to the default way that the slider moves.  The first is “Mid-way,” in which the halfway point on the bet slider represents the size of the pot.  The other is “Exponential,” where as the bet slider is moved to the right, the size of the bet increases quickly up to the size of the player’s chip stack.
Party Poker has also added guide marks to the bet slider as a way for players to quickly visualize where on the slider they must click to make a bet of a particular size.  The first line is for a half-pot sized bet.  The second line, which is the longest of the three (the first and third are the same length), is for a full pot bet.  The third and final hash mark represents a bet of one and a half times the size of the pot.  There is, of course, plenty of room past the third guide mark for larger bets, but these are not specially denoted.  The guide marks can be turned off if a player so desires, but they cannot be customized to different values.
Keeping with the subject of betting mechanics, players can now use their mouse wheel to scroll the size of the bet up or down (writer’s aside: while I still type in my bets depending on the situation, I have found using the mouse wheel to be surprisingly enjoyable).  Additionally, the three middle tabs at the top of the betting window can now be customized for different bet sizes, both pre- and post-flop.
All of the new betting options can be found under “Preferences,” “Table Options,” and then “Bet Slider.”  Unfortunately, these features are only available in the new table view.  A Party Poker representative has confirmed, however, that they are working on implementing them for the classic view.
There have also been a couple tweaks made the lobby.  In the main lobby, seated player information is now embedded to the right of the table list.  This means that the player information pop-up will no longer be used, along with the “Show player info dialog” checkbox option at the top of the lobby.  Additionally, the total number of seats will now be listed in hand histories, rather than just the number of players.  For example, if there were 8 players at a 10-handed table, the hand history will now read “Total number of players: 8/10,” instead of “Total number of players: 8.”  Party Poker warned that these changes may affect the performance of hand analysis software such as Poker Tracker and Hold’em Manager, but any fixes that the software programmers need to make are likely done by now.
When looking at tournaments from the lobby, players will now be able to see which tourneys are in the “Late Registration” phase.  Tournament filters will still be set to view running or registering – there will not be a separate option to filter late registration contests.

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