Jesse “The Voice of Poker” May has just released a preview of Party Poker Premier League III which is set to begin in London on November 24th. In the preview, May states his thoughts on how this is the toughest competition ever at a Party Poker Premier League event. He said, “This year, the Premier League has not just been infused. It’s been turbo injected with serious poker skill, and I think this is the first year where there will be absolutely no way to make the final table without playing poker a cut above the rest.”

According to May, what makes the Party Poker Premier League so special is that there is always potential for “drama and conflict”. Jesse May believes the reason for the heated player exchanges during poker hands comes down to the fact that the players are around each other so much during the eight day event.

He made this clear by saying, “The fact that they are all cooped up in a hotel for eight days, all the big egos, thrown together like Big Brother, means there is no escape. It’s 24/7, what with the prop betting, the bar, the Chinese poker, the fights and the arguments. And every year people crack up. If you have a sick sense of voyeurism, this is the can not miss that adds to poker perfection.”

In addition to giving his thoughts on what makes the Premier League so special, May also made notes on all 12 of the players in the tournament. Of particular interest in his notes are the sections entitled “Sparks could fly” and “Player to beware of”. “Sparks could fly” is a look at who each player is most likely to get into a verbal altercation with; “Player to beware of” is a peek at who could potentially give each player the most trouble.

The Sparks could fly section on Phil Hellmuth pitted him and 2008 WSOP Main Event champion Peter Eastgate in a possible verbal fight stating, “Phil vs. Peter Eastgate. Phil loves his records as much as he loves himself.Is that possible? Eastgate is the man who broke Phil’s record of twenty years and may hold it for another twenty himself. I seriously doubt Phil can sleep at night with bother for what Peter has done. Eastgate could be the silent assassin in such a way that only a smirk will make Phil explode for real.”

Another interesting Sparks could fly note by May involved Tony G and Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot. This one wasn’t hard to pick out since the two have gone back and forth in previous Party PokerPremier League events. Jesse May gave the reason for their dislike for each other by saying, “Tony G vs. Devilfish. Devilfish knows just what buttons of Tony’s to push. Tony knows how to abuse without getting personal, with the Devilfish it’s always personal. One fat joke too many and they may start pulling hair. Oh, it will get loud.”

May also included an interesting “Players to beware of” note for Ulliott since he believes the Devilfish doesn’t respect females – in particular Annette Obrestad. He stated, “Devilfish vs. Annette. Devilfish always gets outplayed by strong females, because he shows them no respect. Liz Lieu hammered the Devilfish in Premier League I, and she’s not half the player Annette is. Look for Annette to make him feel foolish in many pots.”

The Party Poker Premier League III runs from November 24th to the 30th and will air on the UK’s Channel 4.

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