You heard about it here first when Party Poker launched its Grind Promo. The promotion is now over, and a very lucky man has won big!

The name James McManus may already sound familiar to you, but in this case we are not referring to the well-known author of “Positively Fifth Street.” The James McManus who got lucky at Party Poker is a 22-year old Math student from Dublin, Ireland, and “lucky” is actually an understatement considering the roll McManus has been on.

Just two months ago, James McManus won $52,000 on the Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot, after bad-beating a full house with quad Queens. He then took part in the “Grind” promo, grinding his way into a Grindroll where he won a Nintendo Wii and the right to enter the sweepstakes for a Mini Cooper S Convertible… which he also won!

Lucky James played down his achievements, and made some happy declarations about his recent winning streak: “It has been a good couple of months. I didn’t have many debts but I’ve paid off all that I did have! I intend to use some of the money to build a bankroll for online cash games. I’ve thought about the tournament circuit a bit but I would need a bigger bankroll and I’m happy where I am now!”

As for the big prize, he decided against the car: “I opted to take $40,000 rather than the car. A Mini Cooper S Convertible would be great but I don’t really have the need for it at the moment. I’m looking forward to getting my Wii though. I also won the Bad Beat jackpot two months ago. I had pocket queens and flopped quads, my opponent had pocket nines and flopped a full house. They got $104,000 and I got $52,000 and I won the hand! That was brilliant but to win all of this in such a short period of time is fantastic!”

Such an amazing run of good luck has prompted comments from Party Poker staff:“To bag a Wii, win a sports car in a draw and pocket $52,000 for flopping quad queens in just two months almost beggars belief, it is unprecedented. James is a great guy but it almost seems that someone is out there looking out for him!”

Are you ready to be the next James McManus? Keep playing, hang on to that rabbit foot, and it might just be you next time!

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