There are already a number of perks associated with Party Poker’s VIP Loyalty program, Palladium Lounge, but the online poker room is giving its most active players a chance to earn even more rewards. The site’s new PartyPoints Boost promotion offers players a chance to earn as many as 40,000 bonus PartyPoints.
The promotion awards Gold and Palladium Lounge level players a chance to receive a points bonus based on how many PartyPoints they earned between January 9th, 2009 and November 30th, 2009. Qualifying players will be grouped into one of ten categories and can earn points bonuses that range from 1,000 to 40,000 points. In order to qualify for the promotion, players must be Gold, Palladium Lounge or Palladium Lounge Elite and in good standing at the beginning of December. Those who want to participate must also log in to their accounts and opt-in to the “PartyPoints Boost promotion.” Once opted-in, players will be placed in a grouping that will determine how many Boost points they can earn. Those in Group A, for example, can earn a 1,000 point boost while those in Group J are eligible for the largest Boost, 40,000 points.
In order to receive the boost, players must earn a set amount of PartyPoints between the time they opt-in and March 14th. The Boost promotion got underway earlier this month, but there is still plenty of time for users to opt-in and start earning. Be forewarned that points earned prior to opting-in will not be applied towards the total needed in order to release a user’s Boost. The points required to activate the Boost vary based on grouping as well. Players in Group A must log 4,000 PartyPoints before earning their 1,000 point Boost while players in Group J have to net 100,000 points before earning their Boost.
Those who are planning to take part in the upcoming Cash Machine promotion, which starts in January, will be able to apply PartyPoints earned to both the Cash Machine and the boost promotions. Points earned during the promotional period can also be used towards clearing cash bonuses. However, the points included in a player’s Boost cannot be applied to VIP loyalty level calculations or other promotions.
Palladium Lounge members can receive cash bonuses that amount to 40% rakeback using their PartyPoints. There is an option in the PartyPoints store that allows Lounge members to receive $20 in cash in their Party Poker account for every 100 PartyPoints. That means if someone in the highest grouping of the Boost promotion wants to cash in their bonus points, they could earn up to $8,000.

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