The Party Poker Nations Cup will conclude tonight on Great Britain’s Channel 4 and Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Ireland and defending champion Sweden will compete for the final prize. The United States has already busted out of the event in sixth place as was stated by a Party Poker spokesperson who said,

“At the start of the final episode there are five teams remaining after the USA busted out in sixth. Great Britain holds the chip lead but it is all to play for as none of the teams have short stacks.”

In addition to the pride players get from representing their home country, the winning team will also receive $100,000 in cash. The total prize pool is $280,000 since each team member paid a $5,000 buy-in while $100,000 was added as a Party Poker bonus. All six teams are comprised of six members with each team consisting of 5 professional players and 1 VIP qualifier; the US is the only team to not have a VIP qualifier since they have celebrity player Montel Williams instead.

The teams and their members are as follows:

Michael Keiner – Captain
Thomas Bihl
Benjamin Kang
Andreas Krause
Sebastian Ruthenberg
Thomas Potzel – Qualifier

Great Britain
Roland de Wolfe – Captain
Joe Beevers
Neil Channing
Ian Frazer
Surinder Sunar
Francis Durbin – Qualifier

Marcel Luske – Captain
Hans Ritburg
Daan Ruiter
Erice Van der Berg
Thierry Van den Berg
Quirijin Van der Peet – Qualifier

Padraig Parkinson – Captain
Liam Flood
Donnacha O’Dea
Ciaran O’Leary
Marty Smith
Darren O’Brien

Bo Sehlstedt – Captain
Anders Henriksson
Mats Rahmn
Johan Storakers
William Thorson
Johan Ocklind – Qualifier

Robert Williamson III – Captain
Chad Brown
Jamie Gold
Chris Ferguson
Thomas Keller
Montel Williams – Celebrity Player

Last year’s Party Poker Nations Cup saw Sweden overcome incredible poker odds to take home the title; their team is virtually unchanged this year and qualifier Johan Ocklind is the only new member. Sweden was able to defeat the US in the finals and was anchored by the strong play of their captain Bo Sehlstedt.

Sehlstedt took on US captain Robert Williamson III in heads-up play to complete Sweden’s incredible comeback – Sweden was down 88,000 chips to 12,000 before heads-up play began. However, there will be no Sweden-United States match up this year since the US has already busted out.

Vicky Coren has returned once again to host the Party Poker Nations Cup; Coren is a British poker player, writer and TV presenter.Her co-host this year has changed from Barney Boatman to Simon Trumper.

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