Back by popular demand, Party Poker’s Million Dollar Hand promotion has entered into its final two weeks with only one straight flush awarded to this point.
This popular promotion at Party Poker, which enables players to earn cards for playing on the cash games tables on the site, was extremely popular in its first run back in March of this year. During that time span, over $700,000 was earned by players on Party Poker; due to the success of the first version of this promotion, Party Poker brought the Million Dollar Hand back for a second run that started on June 5th and will end in less than two weeks on June 28th.
The basics of the promotion are elementary. Players at Party Poker’s real money tables are awarded a playing card for every fifteen PartyPoints they earn. Once players collect a five card set, they receive a prize which can range from $3 (for making a pair) to the top prize of $1 million for building a Royal Flush. Players at Party Poker are given their first card for free and can reveal a maximum of two hands per day, which means that players have up to 48 chances through the entire run of the Million Dollar Hand’s promotional period to make their hands.
As of today, there have been 36,911 pairs, 4,180 two pairs, 1,879 three of a kinds, 365 straights, 195 flushes, 112 full houses, 28 four of a kinds and the lone straight flush. The straight flush was hit by a German Palladium Lounge member last Sunday, who was able to build an eight high diamond straight flush to put $10,000 into his Party Poker account. All totaled, the promotion has paid out $283,873 in its first two weeks of operation.
The time period for this version of the Party Poker Million Dollar Hand is longer than in its original run back in March, leading Party Poker to believe that more money will be awarded this time around. A spokesman said: “We’ve already paid out almost $300,000 in this run of the Million Dollar Hand and we still have a ways to go. There’s been the one $10,000 payout for a straight flush and, if the last run of the promotion is anything to go by, there could be more to come as there were three straight flushes back in March.”
The money is flowing to the players during the run of the Party Poker Million Dollar Hand, but there is less than two weeks to get in on the action. The promotion ends on June 28th and, by its end, will hopefully eclipse the money that was awarded during the first run of the Million Dollar Hand. To learn more about the Party Poker Million Dollar hand or any of the other promotions that are available, visit PartyPoker to learn more.

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