Party Poker is a reputed poker site that gives its players the opportunity to enjoy great promotions back-to-back. This time Party Poker has come up with a terrific promotion called “Play Less, Win Morefor which the players get to win big prizes without spending much time or money at the site.
This promotion is not for the month of February but is all set to kick off in March. In March, players can take part in the ‘Play Less, Win More’ promotion and get a chance to win up to $3000 in cash along with an entry for up to five freerolls. These poker freerolls have prize pools up to $2000 and give players a chance to win a total of $5000 at one go! Party Poker has come up with a great way to the month of March extra special and players should definitely mark this promotion on their poker dairies and wait for it.
Party Poker has made the ‘Play Less, Win More’ promotion even more interesting by implementing six prize levels to compete for and win from. Level 1 offers up to $5750 in freeroll prizes to players while the final level, level 6 offers up to $45000 in freeroll prizes along with $3000 in cash rewards.
To be a pert of this promotion, players will have to be registered members of Party Poker with real money accounts. Players will have to enter this promotion and choose a level that they want to play for. Once a player has chosen a level to suit their playing skills, they will have the whole month from the 1st to the 31st of March to earn a lot of Party Points and make their way through the various prize levels.
In this online poker promotion, players will find the first level to be the most difficult, and the rest of the levels to be easier as they progress through each of them. Each level will have lesser points to score than the previous one. The best part about this promotion is that no matter what cards are dealt and how the player fares, he or she will still earn Party Points and have a chance to win.
Players need to log into their online poker account with Party Poker from the 1st of March in order to take part in this new promotion. New players who find this new promotion interesting can join Party Poker and register for a new account and avail the benefits of the $100 welcome bonus as well.

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