Party Poker has finally joined the elite group of online poker sites that offer high-speed variants of online poker by launching its own variant of high-speed poker called FastForward Poker.

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FastForward Poker bears a striking similarity to high-speed online poker variants launched by iGame, PokerStars, and Microgaming. FastForward Poker players can play hundreds of extra hands per hour than they normally can while playing other variants of online poker. As soon as players join a game of FastForward Poker, they form part of a pool of players and are allotted a table. Players get a new table and a fresh hand whenever they fold, totally eliminating the need to wait for tables and hands and speeding up the game considerably.

FastForward Poker, which was in the beta testing phase during the past two weeks, is now available in the NLHE ring game format with table stakes in the range of $0.20/$0.40 to $0.25/$0.50. Party Poker says that it will soon launch cash games with higher limits along with Pot Limit Omaha games.

Although it bears a striking similarity to other variants of high-speed poker in the industry, Party Poker’s FastForward Poker is different in the sense that it is available in the ring as well as heads-up format. Since Party Poker enjoys a steady traffic of online poker players, there is no need to wait for tables. In other words, a table is always available for any poker player who folds.

The launch of FastForward Poker puts Party Poker in a position to compete against Zoom Poker and other variants of high-speed poker in the industry. The first variant of high-speed poker was launched as Rush Poker by Full Tilt Poker in its good days.

Party Poker recently became aware of the fact that it was steadily losing players who preferred playing Zoom Poker at PokerStars and other high-speed poker games on the iPoker Network. The online poker room, therefore, decided to launch its own variant of high-speed poker called FastForward Poker to deal with the competition.

In spite of being one of the best online poker rooms in the industry, Party Poker delayed launching a version of high-speed poker. Gaming analysts say that FastForward Poker, though not the best variant of high-speed poker, definitely has some interesting features. However, only time can tell if the product has the power to arrest the steady 44 percent year-on-year decline in player traffic to Party Poker.

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