This Christmas season, poker sites and gaming portals on the internet are hosting new events and special offers in keeping with the festivities of the winter holiday. Party Poker, one of the most reputed online poker sites, has also hopped on this bandwagon and recently announced the launch of its Five Star Poker Challenge which gives players daily freerolls.

The Five Star Poker Challenge is a special poker event that will run until the 31st of the month of December, and unlike other poker events this offer will cater to both existing poker players and new members. The Five Star Poker Challenge requires participating players to earn points, based on which they will be allowed to participate in a freeroll that will run on daily basis. Players will then be given the opportunity to play for $5,000. Party Poker is known for attracting large poker traffic streams of European players, and this offer is expected to draw in even more players who want to try their luck at winning the generous prizes.

To participate in the Five Star Poker Challenge, players will have to be registered members at the Party Poker site and be in possession of 5 points. To earn points at Party Poker, players will have to wager with real money. Once a player has five points, he will be automatically eligible to get into one $5,000 freeroll the very next day. This means that players will be able to play a $5,000 freeroll every day throughout December. The prizes for the winners of the freerolls are part of the great selection of goodies and lucrative poker offers that the site is running this whole month.

Those few lucky poker players who manage to get enough points to play five freerolls or more and qualify for a minimum of five dailies will be moved to the final table which has a $50,000 prize. The final table for the Five Star Poker Challenge will take place on the 2nd of January 2011 at the Party Poker site.

New European players and Non-US gamers who wish to be a part of the Five Star Poker Challenge at Party Poker will also be able to avail of a great deposit bonus if they should choose to use register at the site. New gamers will be rewarded with a welcome bonus up to a sum of $100, which will be paid out to them in increments. Players who have casino accounts or bingo accounts will also be able to play the Five Star Poker Challenge.

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