Poker players waiting to be a part of the WSOP 2012 will have plenty to look forward to if they have already signed up with Party Poker. This is because the Party Poker site has decided to launch special poker tourney packages to the WSOP 2012 for its players.
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This year’s WSOP event will be held in Las Vegas and players will be able to win an entry package to the final and main table event of the WSOP 2012 worth $14k.
This WSOP 2012 $14 k package covers both the $10 buy-in for the final table event as well as some spending money for the players – it is Las Vegas, after all. The other $2 k covers hotel accommodation for 10 nights of the event in a great hotel in Las Vegas.
In addition to this amazing $14k prize package for the final table of the WSOP 2012, Party Poker is also offering several other qualifier tournaments and freerolls for lucky players.
This allows any player registered at the Party Poker site to get a chance to play in the WSOP 2012. Some of the best options available include, daily WSOP freeroll poker games and players will find that the qualifier events have just begin.
Poker players who are eager to win the WSOP 2012 and take home that large prize package should not fail to take advantage of this offering from the reputed poker site. What’s more, considering that poker player Pius Heinz took in the title of World Champion in 2011 and walke3d away with more than $8 million worth of prize money, poker players would be encouraged to take part in the qualifier events.
However, poker players will have to have both the skills and the determination to work their way to the top of the leaderboard. The should begin by playing any one of the daily WSOP 2012 tourneys offered at the site; these include the $2 Daily Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy, the daily freeroll, the Daily Sub Qualifier Speed Rebuy for $4 or the $9 Daily Sub Qualifier Speed.
The winners of these events will get to participate in the Daily Satellite Qualifier which has a buy-in of $75 plus an additional charge of $5. Those lucky poker players who manage to win this $80 satellite qualifier will then move ahead to the Sunday $700+$50 Satellite. The latter event is a weekly event and features a total buy-in of $750.
Those skilled players who actually manage to make it past the Sunday $750 Satellite can rest happy on the fact that they will have a one in 20 chance of winning the big prize package. The player who wins this event will get the ultimate $14k prize package for the final table of the WSOP 2012.

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