Day two at the Party Poker Irish Poker Championship has concluded and the final table is set for the last day of play. The overall chip leader is currently Rory Brennan from Dublin, Ireland and he has almost double the amount of chips (1,058,000) as his closest competitor Ben Vinson (581,580). Vinson is sitting comfortably in second place since he has 277,580 more chips than the third place player in Krystof Gwvsko (304,000).
Here is how everything looks heading into the final table:
Seat 1 – Peter Murphy; 94,500 chips
Seat 2 – David Curtis; 146,500 chips
Seat 3 – Ben Vinson; 581,580 chips
Seat 4 – David Poole; 181,100 chips
Seat 5 – Chris Dowling; 147,000 chips
Seat 6 – Derek Murray; 183,500 chips
Seat 7 – Krystof Gwvsko; 304,000 chips
Seat 8 – Rory Brennan; 1,058,000 chips
Here are the payouts for the final 8 finishers:
First – €160,000
Second – €90,000
Third – €55,000
Fourth – €30,000
Fifth – €20,000
Sixth – €15,000
Seventh – €12,500
Eighth – €10,000
255 participants showed up to Galway, Ireland after paying the ₤2,000 buy-in and quite a few star players were in attendance. Padraig Parkinson, Kenna James, Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot, Surindar Sunar, Ciaran O’Leary, John Kabbaj, Jon Kalmar, Donnacha O’Dea, Marc Goodwin, and Mike Sexton were just some of the well known poker personalities at the event.
Sexton was especially pleased with the charity tournament at the IPC entitled “Poker for the Homeless”. He said, “Padraig Parkinson and all those who extend a hand to help the unfortunate should take a bow and be proud of their willingness to help others. Fortunately, many poker players are joining in and giving time and money to worthwhile charities.”
Mike Sexton was not among the leaders at the end of day one in the IPC, but Jon Kalmar and Donnacha O’Dea both managed to sneak in at 17th and 18th place. David Poole was sitting atop the leaderboard by the day’s end as he won enough poker hands to build a chip stack of 75,450.
Here is the overall chip count at the end of day one:
1. David Poole; 75,450 chips
2. Edward Kavanagh; 64,500 chips
3. Rory Brown; 56,500 chips
4. Ervin Kaja; 52,725 chips
5. David Mormoyle; 49,000 chips
6. Steen Vester; 48,350 chips
7. Martin Silke; 47,550 chips
8. Patrick Stephens; 47,500 chips
9. Derek Murray; 45,350 chips
10. Klys Miroslaw; 44,950 chips
11. Roy Brindley; 43,675 chips
12. Paul Jackson; 42,350 chips
13. Mike Eyers; 42,325 chips
14. Krzysztof Gwvszko; 41,900 chips
15. James McManus; 38,975 chips
16. Gerry Irwin; 37,950 chips
17. Jon Kalmar; 37,800 chips
18. Donnacha O’Dea; 37,100 chips
19. Eddie Walsh; 36,475 chips
20. Brian Rickard; 34,575 chips

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