Online poker room Party Poker recently unleashed the latest software update to its poker client and there are several new changes in order for the virtual poker room, including synchronized breaks and a new console that allows players to track all of their games in a single window.
Following the lead of other major poker sites like PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and UB Poker, Party Poker recently adopted a synchronized break system in which all of the multi-table tournaments take a break at fifty-five minutes past the hour. The breaks will last for five minutes every hour, but not all tournaments will necessary go on breaks at that time. The few exceptions to the synchronized breaks include Turbo tournaments still in the first two levels of play, any tournament still in the first level of play and tournaments that are running and still open for late registration.
Late registration is another aspect of the site that has changed with the latest update.  Some tournaments will now allow players to register within the first six levels of play. The tournament lobbies will also include a deadline for when a player can unregister from a tournament and receive a full refund. The final change to the tournament process is that players can now register for tournaments via Party Poker’s official website without having to open and log into the poker client.
Perhaps the most interesting addition to the software is the new stacked console, which offers players another display option for multiple tables in addition to tiling and cascading. The stacked view allows players to list their tables with notations for what position they are in during a hand and timer alerts for when it is their turn to act. Users can also see how many chips their opponents have at a given table, access previous hand histories and view information about what is happening in live hands. Players can also act on hands within the stacked console without having to open up an individual table.
The stacked console is still in Beta testing, but the plan is for the window to be highly customizable and players can adjust what they do and don’t see on screen. Users can choose what boxes they see, whether they need to single or double click to toggle or select a given action and can also change the size and color of the deck. The stacked console can handle between 4-14 tables worth of information and Party Poker’s official website outlines the best way to take advantage of the new features depending on how many tables a player is sitting at during a given session.
Prior to the introduction of these latest updates, Party Poker representatives sought the advice of players on the TwoPlusTwo poker forum before introducing the latest slate of updates. The poker room is still seeking feedback, especially on the new stacked console options, and players interested in making suggestions can offer comments on the site’s official blog.

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