The latest version of Party Poker’s software features a long list of upgrades including a feature that remembers users’ preferred table layout, a revamped player notes feature and the introduction of bounty tournaments to the site’s tournament schedule.
For those who are not familiar with bounty tournaments, they are set up to reward players for each opponent they are able to knock out. Cash prizes are awarded for each player someone is able to eliminate in the event, with the money for the prize coming out of the prize pool. For example, a participant in a $20 tournament on Party Poker would have $15 going towards the payouts with the remaining $5 going to whichever player knocks that participant out of the tournament. The bounty payouts will be credited back to a user’s account immediately upon a person’s elimination. Bounty tournaments will start appearing on the Party Poker schedule on Wednesday.
Another new tweak to the latest version of the Party Poker client is the addition of a “remember table layout” feature. Players who are moved from one table to another during a multi-table tournament will now have the new table appear in the exact same size, shape and position on the screen as the previous table rather than defaulting to the program’s standard table layout. Even if a player has numerous windows open, all of those windows will reappear in the same place should there be a table change.
According to Party Poker’s official blog, the new layout feature is still being tinkered with and, as of now, it is not the default setting for the software. Should users want to use the remember table layout feature, they have to go to Preferences, select the General category, select General Options and then check the “Remember Table Layout” option.
A Party Poker spokesperson commented on the new features in an official press release from the site. “We are always listening to customers and consistently striving to improve our product”, they explained. “The introduction of new bounty tournaments adds an exciting fun dimension to play. These changes come on top of the introduction of the hand history replayer and super speed games last month. Coming up in the future is the introduction of RSA tokens and synchronized breaks.”
Other poker sites like PokerStars have already introduced an RSA token, which allows users to enter a security password on an on-screen keypad rather than typing it in on their keyboard. It has been enormously popular and helped to cut down on players having their poker accounts hacked.

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