The users have spoken and the tremendous popularity of the Party Poker Genius promotion has led the online gaming site to extend it for an additional five million hands, bringing the grand total of Genius hands to 15 million instead of 10 million.
To refresh your memory, the Genius promotion began on July 6th and for every 50,000th hand played at their cash game tables the total of the pot would be squared (i.e. a $50 pot would pay out $2,500 in Genius winnings). Even those playing at the micro stakes were eligible to win big as each Genius pot pays out a minimum of $250. Additionally, every millionth hand pays out $10,000.
Originally, the promotion was set to conclude with the 10 millionth hand, which paid out a whopping $100,000 to those fortunate enough to participate. With the extension, the 50,000 and millionth hand landmarks still apply, but there will also be a $50,000 payout to those who participate in the 15 millionth and final hand of the promotion. As of Tuesday morning, the promotion was beginning to wind down as 14,099,329 hands had been played. It is not too late to cash in though, as there are still almost a million hands to go before the $50,000 jackpot is reached.
So far Party Poker has paid out $380,872 in cash prizes with their Genius affair. Those interested in seeing exactly how the winning hands played out can go to Party Poker’s website and there is a hand replayer that has the winning hands on file.
The online poker site also launched a new promotion for those who are more interested in Sit & Gos than cash games. The Jackpot Hunter is designed to reward players who are able to win multiple Sit & Gos in a row. If a player is able to win five consecutive Single Table Sit & Gos they can win anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 dollars. The promotion began on July 20th and will run through August 2nd.
Here are the specifics on the Jackpot Hunter: PartyPoker is offering payouts based on the buy-in level of Sit & Gos. The three tiers of buy-ins are $3-$11, $12-$54 and $55 and up. If a player wins five consecutive Sit & Gos at the low buy-in level, they win $10,000. If they do so at the middle level they are eligible to win $20,000 and if they do so at the high buy-in level they can win $50,000. Party Poker will be offering one jackpot per buy-in level which will be rewarded on a first come, first serve basis. The five consecutive wins must occur in Sit & Gos at the same buy-in level in order to be eligible for the prize money. Double Or Nothing Sit & Gos, in which half the field receives the same payout, are not eligible.
If a player believes they have won the required number of Sit & Gos to receive the payout, they are to email with their account name as soon as possible so the site can verify the number of wins. Only the first confirmation email received for each buy-in level is eligible for the jackpot.

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