Through December 15, Party Poker is throwing cards into players’ PartyAccounts, giving players a chance to put together a Winning Hand and possibly win $100,000.

With the “Winning Hand” promotion, Party Poker players just need to play at the real money tables as always and earn PartyPoints.For every 20 Points, Party Poker will award players with a card.Once per day through December 15, players can submit a five-card poker hand and receive a cash prize.More than five cards can be accumulated per day, but again, only one hand can be submitted each day.Thus, there is some risk to waiting for a better hand.

The lowest hand that qualifies for a prize is a pair ($5), on up to a royal flush for the $100,000 grand prize.

Party Poker Winning Hand Prizes

Royal flush — $100,000
Straight flush — $500
Four of a kind — $200
Full house — $100
Flush — $75
Straight — $40
Three of a kind — $20
Two pair — $10
Pair — $5

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