Today is the last day to get a seat into Party Poker’s $10,000 Gridiron Party qualifiers, where you can play to win the most extravagant party to celebrate the Super Bowl – big screen TV, cheerleaders and all.

All you have to do to enter is earn five PartyPoints by 23:59 ET on January 11, which will give you a ticket into one of four qualifiers. The top 150 players from each of those qualifiers will move on to two 300-player semifinals, and 50 players will come out of each semifinal for a 100-player final which will decide the winner of the $10,000.

There is more – those who get knocked out at any stage of the qualifiers will receive a free bet on, which they can use to go for a consolation $10,000 prize.

Tourney dates are:

Playoff 1A on Thursday 10th January @ 14:00ET
Playoff 1B on Friday 11th January @ 19:00ET
Playoff 2A on Saturday 12th January @ 10:30ET
Playoff 2B on Saturday 12th January @ 19:00ET
Semi Final B on Friday 18th January @ 19:00ET
Semi Final A on Saturday 19th January @ 13:00ET
Final Tournament on Saturday 26th January @ 13:00ET

The special thing about the tourney is that Party Poker is selling the prize as a way to get an extravagant Super Bowl party, as they state on the website: “From a gigantic TV to your own cheerleading troupe, you can have the party of your dreams.” This is unlikely because in the first place Party Poker does not accept US players, who should presumably be the biggest fans of the Super Bowl; and in the second place because whoever wins the $10,000 is more likely to spend it on something a little more lasting than a wild Gridiron party. In any case, we wish all participants the best of luck.

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