What if you could put together a Royal Flush that would pay you $1 million?
It was announced today that Party Poker, after a tremendous response from its players, is offering that chance once again by bringing back The Million Dollar Hand.
In March, the original Million Dollar Hand played out and over $700,000 was earned by players on Party Poker. Players at Party Poker’s real money tables earned a playing card for every fifteen PartyPoints they earned and received a prize when the player built and turned in their five card hands. Although there wasn’t a Royal Flush built during the previous run of the Million Dollar Hand, there were 70,908 pairs, 8059 two pairs, 3611 three of a kinds, 628 straights, 436 flushes, 245 full houses, 41 four of a kinds and three straight flushes that were paid out.
From a look at the structure of the payouts for the Million Dollar Hand, there are many opportunities for players to earn some extra money into their Party Poker accounts. The breakdown of the payouts is as such:
Royal flush         $1,000,000
Straight flush         $10,000
Four of a kind     $1,000
Full house         $250
Flush             $100
Straight         $50
Three of a kind     $20
Two pair         $10
One pair         $3
Players at Party Poker are given their first card for free and earn an additional card for every fifteen PartyPoints that are earned at the tables. Players will only be able to reveal a maximum of two hands per day and 48 across the whole of the promotion period, which starts on Friday and runs through June 28th.
The Party Poker Monthly Million is also set to play out this Sunday at 12:45 Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDST). The million dollar guaranteed tournament, which has played out over the previous five months on the first Sunday of the month, has drawn players from around the world. Party Poker is offering extra qualifiers for the Monthly Million that should ensure a massive field for the event.
The “50 Seat Frenzy” will run this Saturday at 11:25 EDST which, as the title suggests, will award the final fifty finishers in the tournament with their seats into the Monthly Million. There are also “Super8” qualifiers running over the weekend which feature an $88 buy-in and a one in eight chance of getting through. Further to this there is an “Ultimate Qualifier” which is to be held on Sunday at 11:15 EST that has a buy-in of $340 and ten  seats guaranteed into the Monthly Million.
Eight different nations were represented at the final table of the May Monthly Million. When all the action was completed, Finland’s “sailorboyxxx” was able to defeat Russia’s “super_proper” to take away the $137,177 first place prize. Other nations such as Canada, Sweden, Denmark and Germany were among the final table finishers.
With the Monthly Million set for play this weekend and the kickoff of the second version of The Million Dollar Hand, Party Poker will be offering many reasons to stay in and play poker over the month of June!

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