In an effort to maintain their relatively impeccable legal standing, Party Poker has hired a new lawyer at Party Gaming’s head office in Gibraltar. The newest addition, a bright attorney named Victoria Allison, will help Party Gaming continue to hold together their ship and keep it from sinking during these stormy UIGEA years.

Allison previously worked with IWC Media and thus has the experience necessary to work with the Party Gaming Legal team in Gibraltar. Victoria Allison proved that she knows what she’s talking about by giving an interesting lecture at the eCOGRA training course on responsible gambling that was recently held in London.

Her appointment was confirmed earlier this week in The Lawyer by Party Gaming assistant general counsel James Elliot. Her appointment reflects a recent effort by Party Gaming to cut down on the amount of outsourcing they need to do and to try to keep their operations strictly in-house. It is stream-line business conduct such as this that has kept Party Poker at the top of the Internet gambling industry since before this writer was even allowed to gamble online.  

James Elliot told The Lawyer: "The aim is to bring in some new commercially minded assistance able to share some of the everyday workload so that we can limit our outsourcing only to where there's a requirement for specialist knowledge that it does not make sense to retain in-house."

Having a sharp legal team has been of utmost importance to the Party Gaming management in their recent strategy of conducting in-depth talks with US enforcement authorities regarding the gaming firm’s potential liabilities under the discriminatory anti-online gaming legislation that has caused nightmares for players in the online gaming industry, including Party Poker. Rumors have even begun to spread around different forums that chief executive Mitch Garber has crossed the Atlantic in recent weeks to engage in face-to-face talks with US officials over their standing.

Strictly adhering to US law, Party Gaming was the first major online gaming group to pull out of the US market upon the arrival of the UIGEA legislation late in 2006. The legislation took a serious toll on Party Gaming’s finances.

It is such strict adherence to legal provisions and laws regarding online gambling that has kept Party Poker a consistent player in the industry. Other company’s such as Absolute Poker and Full Tilt, albeit being enormously successful, have had more than their fair share of dirty business mar their names. Party Poker has taken the high road, putting faith in the saying, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

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