There are probably many of you long-time Party Poker faithful still getting used to Party’s new poker client (although “new” is a relative term, since the updated client was released in September 2008), trying to figure out if you like it or not. But progress stops for nobody, so even as you are still getting used to something, it goes ahead and changes on you. Such is the case with Party Poker’s software, which was updated within the last week. There were no major changes, but there were several that should improve the player’s experience.
First, the general changes that everyone will see, regardless of what game they play. In the Party Poker lobby, any column size adjustments and filter sets will be remembered the next time the Party Poker client is started. No more starting every poker session with a bunch of extra clicks and drags. While these may seem like minor improvements, they really give the players the opportunity to make the Party Poker experience their own, rather than being limited to a format and structure that the poker room forces upon them. To me, remembering the column sizes is particularly nice, mainly because many other poker rooms don’t do this, and some don’t even allow resizing at all.
Also in the lobby, player information for cash games and tournament information for (obviously) tournaments are now embedded on the right side of the lobby. There is still the option, for now, to pop the information out in a separate window by checking the “Show player info dialog” box, but at some point, that option will disappear.
For multi-tabling enthusiasts, enhanced multi-monitor support is now available. The software detects if a player has two monitors and will tile tables across each, starting with the primary monitor.
Moving on to tournaments, the tournament lobby has been revamped. It is now one of the cleanest and easiest to read in the industry. All of the tourney status info – such as time remaining in the level, players remaining, and blinds – is bright and clear on the right side. Payout and blinds structures are shown right in the lobby, rather than needing to open another window to see them. It is also very easy to track a player in the standings – all one has to do is type in their name. If a player wants to track himself, there’s a simple check box on which to click.
And for cash game players, there is now the option to automatically buy-in for either the maximum or minimum allowable amount of money in a No Limit game and either five times the minimum or just the minimum amount for Limit games. Players will also have the option to have the “auto post blind” button automatically checked after their first blind is posted. These options are available in Preferences > Table Options > Advanced Options in the Party Poker software.
Finally, short stacking haters can rejoice. There are now 50 big blind minimum buy-in games. No more having to tolerate short stackers and their “push or fold” strategy. Players can now feel confident that they will always have the opportunity to squeeze the maximum out of their opponents, rather than just snatching a micro stack the one time pocket Aces shows up.
There were some issues with Party Poker’s stability shortly after the update was released, but it appeared to stem from a problem with Party’s network provider, not the update itself.

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