Party Poker has recently collaborated with Poker Table Ratings to create a fabulous promotion; and players who wish to win one of the prizes on offer need the rare combination of luck and skill. Poker Table Ratings will watch players in action at Party Poker’s ring game tables; and players are challenged to complete at least four of the twelve tasks in order to win a prize. In fact, the promotion includes 3 prizes if players accomplish four, eight, or all the twelve tasks.
The tasks can be viewed and understood at the Party Poker website; what’s more, players will get a Poker Table Ratings or PTR badge for each task accomplished. Players are required to play real money games with table limits $0.05/$0.10 or higher in the pot limit or no limit formats or with table limits $0.25/$0.50 in the limit formats. Interested players need to visit the Poker Table Ratings website and opt in for this promotion from there. The promotion is meant only for non US players because Party Poker does not allow players from the US.
Players who want to get started should sign up as soon as possible and start winning their badges from Jan 18, Tuesday because the promotion comes to an end on February 15, Tuesday.
The player who wins four badges or manages to accomplish four tasks will get one month Silver Poker Table Ratings subscription worth $19.99, entry to a Rookie Freeroll, plus an Amazon gift card worth $10 if the player is one of the first 50 players to accomplish the four tasks.
The player who wins eight badges or manages to accomplish eight tasks will win one month Gold Poker Table Ratings subscription worth $49.99, entry to a Pro Freeroll, plus an Xbox Kinect or a PlayStation 3 if he/she happens to be one of the first 10 players to accomplish these tasks.
The player who wins twelve badges or accomplishes all the tasks will get 3 months Gold Poker Table Ratings subscription worth $127.47, entry to a Baller Freeroll with a first prize of a WPT Vienna prize package worth $6k and second to fifth prizes of Monthly Million tickets worth $640 each, plus an Apple iPad worth $629 or a $625 customized Paulson chipset if he/she happens to be among the first five players to accomplish the tasks.
The promotion is run at Party Poker and players can opt in at Poker Table Ratings.

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