The merger between Party Poker and Bwin still seems to be creating waves in the online poker circle and recent reports estimate that the merger, will in all probability, lead to the sale of the Ongame Poker Network. This information was given out by a representative from Bwin through EGR, and has further shaken the industry without a doubt.
The representative also affirmed that the poker vertical of Bwin would be regarded as absolutely pointless in the existing arrangement of the currently merged company. As per the data gathered by PokerScout, Ongame Poker is definitely a large network, which has been featuring as one of the top ten websites on a regular basis. Taking .it and .fr arms of the network into consideration, Ongame can be undoubtedly rated as one of the best five poker networks in the world. The network also outdoes other sharks in the industry like CEREUS and Merge, according to the same data.
The fact that Ongame Poker Network is significantly smaller than the Party Poker network of online poker rooms, will supposedly result in a fairly exclusive occasion in the online poker business, which is nothing but the opportunity to purchase one of the biggest poker rooms in the world.
Ongame was bought by Bwin in 2005, for an amount of 474 million pounds, at a time when the room allowed US customers to play poker. However, in time, the Ongame Poker Network refused to open the game to American poker players, after the UIGEA specification.
One can only expect this news to further intensify the minute when probable buyers slowly start to appear. However, there are a few inevitable questions that come to mind which the gaming community are waiting to get answered.
First off, how will the recently merged collaboration and the Bwin company treat the sale of the Ongame Poker Network, which will instantaneously develop as one of their major contenders in the online poker realm?
The Second question raised was whether a prevalent chief network such as Full Tilt, would be even slightly inclined towards the offer and will Party and Bwin be interested in accepting the bargain from entities like Full Tilt, taking into account, Party’s old fashioned strategy to placate American officials.
Another query is if Ongame, is the opportunity that an American hand is seeking for, as rules are impending in the US. It is not yet known whether the track record of Ongame allowing US gamers before UIGEA, will pose a threat to purchasers.

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