Poker has become the hottest thing, an obsession, with more and more players each day. World Series of Poker attendees grow by thousands each year.If you love the game of poker and what to try and make some money at it there is an interesting option in taking part in this multi-billion dollar industry: becoming an online poker affiliate.

It’s a business that brings cash day in and day out, with no heavy operational costs or initial investment.Online Poker Affiliate Programs work by referring players to poker websites; and these poker sites will pay the affiliate a commission when players do sign up. There is two types of commission one is called CPA or Cost per Acquisition the other is MGR or Monthly Gross Revenue.

The first modality, CPA, works on a one-time commission basis: As an affiliate you get your commission once the player signs up and deposits money into their account.The second variation, MGR, pays you a percentage of each player’s activity every month.

Of course, it has its difficulties. It is a very competitive industry and some people don’t have the know-how on how to promote poker rooms, and consequently don’t make money.

One of the best programs is offered by Party Poker. It has an affiliate scheme recognized as one of the best in the world.In the Party Partners program, you can become a Party Poker affiliate.In 2006 Party Partners paid out a huge sum of $100 million.If you are smart and talented you can essentially build a player referral base that will generate you income over and over again, even if you reduce or even stop actively promoting poker sites.

Party Poker has paid out millions to their affiliates because of several reasons: they have brands that are easy to promote (after all, they are one of the most recognized gaming brands on the web).Party Poker offers very easy to read reports, they track the player’s activity -while also providing all the necessary marketing tools.You can also track the effectiveness of your own marketing campaigns.Their flexible payment plans, great marketing tools, quality of products and dedicated support can make you the next top affiliate.Party Poker’s top affiliates can make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

In an age of high-tech toys, PC’s and the Internet, you have a chance to retire young. If you take action, you can build an empire from home.

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