In a statistically unlikely turn of events, the progressive bad beat jackpot at PartyPoker hit not just once, but twice, in a nine hour span this past Sunday. In order for players to qualify for the bad beat, they must have quad eights or better beaten by another player’s hand. Additionally, several other parameters must be met, including both of the participants’ hole cards playing, the hand taking place on one of Party’s “Bad Beat” cash tables and at least four players participating at the start of the hand.
In spite of the list of stipulations in order to qualify, two players found themselves losing in just such a fashion. The first jackpot hand occurred when “FriendlyFrog” picked up pocket jacks and hit gin when the flop came J-J-10. Another player, “Rolf56111”, called FriendlyFrog’s bets on each street while holding pocket aces. The turn and river came running aces to give Rolf56111 a better set of quads and the pot.
The big winner in the situation was FriendlyFrog though, as he won a whopping $276,268 for hitting the jackpot. Rolf561111 took the next biggest chunk of the prize pool, earning $138,134.  Two other players dealt into the hand also took home nearly $70,000 a piece. The last time the bad beat hit was nearly two weeks ago on February 23rd when the big winner “dionisious” took home $249,785. FriendlyFrog, whose real name is Erik, told PartyPoker his, “heart nearly stopped when it ended; it was one big surprise.” He plans on using his winnings towards the purchase of a new home.
The website The Wizard of Odds says the likelihood of hitting the bad beat while holding quad jacks is 0.00000285%, so you can only imagine how unlikely it is that the jackpot hit again only a few hours later. The biggest winner the second time around, “Dickson_AA”, is probably kicking themselves for failing to get unlucky just a little bit earlier in the day. Because the jackpot had so little time to reload, “Dickson_AA” only received $60,923 in prize money. The hand’s winner “bitterbittor” received $30,463 for their efforts and four other players received $7,615 a piece.
The reason Party had any money at all to give to the second bad beat hand is because its policy is to disperse 70% of the jackpot when it hits, keeping the remaining 30% in reserve. When the jackpot is paid out, 50% of the prize pool is given to the unlucky loser in the hand, 25% is set aside for the player who actually won the hand and the remaining 25% is split between the other players who participated in the hand and were not sitting out at the table.
FriendlyFrog may have been the big winner for the day, but his win is not the biggest jackpot Party has paid out. In August of last year, German player “Judith75” took home the biggest share of the site’s only seven-figure jackpot, which was worth a grand total of $1,013,381. Judith75 earned $354,683.57 for having her quad nines beaten by a royal flush.

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