When Jim Ryan joined Party Gaming, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker took over the US online market in 2008, and Party had to leave the US online poker market based on legal recommendations. For a private organization, Party Gaming took a very big step and they had to pay a huge price as they lost player traffic from an entire country. After its merger with Bwin, Bwin.party has been wanting to return to the US marketplace ever since.

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Jim Ryan is the co-CEO of Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment concern and he thinks the company has to prepare itself to be ready for any legislation that will be passed regarding the status of online gambling in the US.

Based on the current status of online poker in the US, Bwin.Party needs a US partner to re-enter the market, and Jim Ryan is looking to find just that. While Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment has officially stated that it is interested in offering its services to the US online gamblers it has also confirmed that they were negotiating with US based gambling groups for the same.

“We have to be ready for both federal or state. It feels good to have American taxpaying companies finally driving this.” Jim Ryan stated.

Ryan is confident that the company will find its way back into the US market and that, “It’s not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’,” he said. He also included that he was not in denial regarding the competition that the company will have to face in the gambling industry, especially since many other companies will want a large chunk of this cake once online gambling is legalized in the US. He said that, “We have to realistic about where we sit in the food chain,” and that “If the US regulated online poker, it would be unlikely that we would secure a license directly.”

At one point in time before the merger of Bwin.Party, Party Gaming was considered to be the top dog in the US online poker market. But, ever since the UIGEA was introduced in 2006, the company had to quit the market and leave the country to re-establish itself and start from scratch in Europe and other places. They also settled with the US Authorities and paid them $105 million for escaping prosecution. Finally, they decided to create the merger and ended up creating Party.Bwin. Whether this company re-enters the US market and gains the same stand is yet to be seen.

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